Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Much to learn! I am soo dehydrated!!! They are worried about me!I

Dave is Dehydrated!
I am going to try to add lemon to my water to see if I like it better!

Today I found out that I'm dehydrated.  I hate water but I need to drink 8 glasses a day, YUCK and double YUCK!  My fitness trainer told me with out water everything I eat turns to fat because my body will suck the moisture out of the food I eat if  I don't drink enough water. So I'll be chocking down all kinds of water, much to my disgust. I got on the body mass computer and found out that my water rate is 300, it's suppose to be 500 or more!  I have got some work to do to fix this. My lack of water is what is slowing my weight loss down.  So, a drinking I will go...

 The journey is going well, Kathleen and I are really sore but that's all part of the package. We're both on our new work out at the athletic club. It's tough but we're already seeing the results in appearance and weight loss. We are constantly tweaking this or that to get the most out of it. Thanks to Fawn we're still hanging in there and seeing real results. We've lost inches as well as pounds.  I noticed I can get out of a sitting position with out losing my breath now. Our life has changed so much and we still have such a long way to go.

Dave - see ya on the skinny side of life

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