Sunday, September 12, 2010

I want junk food and I want it now !!!!

I Want Junk Food, And I Want It NOW!
It is so hard to watch someone die and carry on life. It is hard to visit with people, to go be a clown, to go grocery shopping. to be a mother, and a wife. It is all hard. Even the most mandarin things are hard to do. I walked around Wal-Mart and I wanted everything in sight... chocolate, potato chips, bread (French bread like I made for everyone at moms house yesterday), did  I mention chocolate! For the past five days I have been surrounded by chocolate, cookies, brownies, fudge, bread, deserts, and cakes. Why does everyone think that when someone is dying they need to bring a desert to the house. Why? If we eat it all we  will all gain 20 pounds this week!  Why is food our comfort??? Why is it natural to eat everything in sight when you are morning.  I wanted to eat all this stuff, I really did.  I did so good!  I did not eat one piece of candy, fudge, chocolate....nothing. When I was craving it, I went and did 100 laps in a friends pool around the corner from mom.  But now I am ready to crash and I want chocolate so bad.. not bad enough to eat it...but enough to complain about it!  I was one of those people that would have eaten everything in sight.  I would have gained the 20 pounds.  Food is comfort.  I know.  But it is not healthy for you...Why would we turn to something that could cause us so many problems?  These last few days are one of the hardest I will ever go through. I need to turn to God and family for comfort, not food.


  1. so proud of you 2! I love yall! Fawny : )

  2. Oh Kathleen,
    I am SO sorry for your loss! I had no idea that your mom had already passed. I feel so guilty about being in my own little world to have not known! I don't know what its like to lose my mother, but I do know what its like to lose a granmother that I was very close with. Please don't let your grief or pain push you to food. This is when we are tempted and tested the most! You got this and you have done an amazing job! Just know that you have people out there that love you and are praying for you and grieving with you! The Word says that we are to be there for each other. I know I am not around the corner but I am only a phone call or a Facebook message away! You are in my prayers and thoughts. Love you

  3. You guys are something else. To go through a time like this and yet follow through on your commitment shows tremendous strength. Keep on with your wonderful examples of faith and perseverance.