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Heather Gillham Hey, I read your post on your blog and it is fantastic! I am also getting geared up to change my eating habits, and I must say, that you and Uncle Dave have really inspired me. Keep up the good work and encouraging others. I love you! ♥

Jennifer Bromley Frazier I am following your blog and LOVE IT!!! I give you so much credit for 'opening' yourselves to virtually the 'world'...meaning, you won't really know how far reaching this will be! It's in God's hands! You are an inspiration and definitely helping me get my 'rear in gear' lol

kathleen and Dave I have an urge to get healthy and I can't believe what an inspiration you are to me. I've seen people get healthy who have the money to get the food and exercise equipment etc. These were people who don't live week to week. I'm glad to see average americans like myself can do it. I also have a back problem as well. Seeing other people who have difficulties in different areas of life give me the assurance that I too will join you in getting healthy. Thanks for your updates - I look for them everyday! See you soon. Carolyn

hello dave congrats on you recent succes of the weight lost your right I dont see it but I do feel confident and I get alot of compliments. great job keep going your not alone

OMGah! Kathleen 12 pounds! That is AMAZING! WAY TO GO! and Dave-wow! That is wonderful! You guys are doing so well! I am so proud of both of you! One day we will have to all get together and talk about "the old days" when we used to be big...haha I am so glad that you are both doing well. I am glad you are not having to take so much medicine anymore. Love you guys..XOXO

.well, I made myself a 'fan' of your blog and I will comment on your posts or let you know on FB...via your inbox, for now! I really am making this a whole 'lifestyle' change! I look forward to being at least 50 lbs thinner by February when Jim and I go to Florida! I can feel good about being in shorts again!! Thank you and keep up the great work!!

Kathleen, I just have to tell you that your's and Dave's story is truly inspiring to me as a women of higher weight. It has been awesome to see your progress in such a short time and has inspired me to work on my own weight problem for my family and myself first and foremost. thankyou for sharing your journey with us. If I get frustrated or tired at least I know I can check out your progress and motiviate myself to continue on.. Good Luck and God Bless Cathy Fontaine

Wow...thank you for that info about water! I didn't realize what a negative effect it can have if we don't drink enough! I actually can tell when I'm lacking. I was talking to a friend of mine that goes to a weight loss doctor and she was telling me the same thing. He said that drinking the required amounts of water daily is a KEY factor in a weight loss regime! Water is my friend!!!!!!!!

You guys are something else. To go through a time like this and yet follow through on your commitment shows tremendous strength. Keep on with your wonderful examples of faith and perseverance. 
Melanie said... That is amazing!! Thank you for posting! Fawn is my VERY best friend and I have been following you guys...keep up the GREAT work! We are watching and supporting! You can do it! :)

marcy said...
You are looking great Dave! Words can't express the pride we feel at what you're doing and your determination to "finish the race."

Jennfraz3 said...
I am soooo happy for both of you!!! This is so encouraging! I am going to start making these changes as well! I've been wanting to implement a 'life style change' in my life for some time now; but, never really knew what to do or felt motivated enough to do so. Now I do!!!!! Great job, Dave and Kathleen!!!!.
I am SO PROUD of you and Dave. Woot Woot-12 and 22 pounds-that is HOT-mazing woman! You go on girl-you are inspiring me! I am so happy for you-let's see what we can do this week! I will be praying for your mom and your family. PEACE-love ya
Hi, my name is Becca Jeffers, i am the daughter of Kathleen and Dave. i love my parents, and i will be/am right beside them during the whole time of my parents journey to weight loss. pray for their strength during this, and if you are joining them on this journey, i hope you can dedicate and enjoy your time doing so in the process.