Sample of Meal Plans

 A Balanced Eating Plan!

People are always trying to lose weight by jumping into a new diet, whether it's the low carb diet, cutting calories, or a fat-free-sugar-free craze. So what is the best diet one can be on? A balanced diet is the answer! Your day should be filled with meals and snacks that contain a healthy balance of carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein. Properly fueling your body is SO important!


Format for Eating: Eat breakfast within an hour of waking and eat every 3 to 3 ½ hours after that


Breakfast Options – Eat within an hour of waking

1/2 cup of oatmeal made with water (Quaker raw oats) 150

½ cup of berries 50

1 tbsp ground flax seeds 80

1 whole egg + 1 egg white 85

Calories = 365


1 piece whole wheat toast 120

1 tbsp peanut butter (not heaping spoonful, exact tablespoon) 100

3/4 cup of strawberries 50

3 egg whites 45

Calories= 315


Snack Options

¾ Cup Cottage Cheese (Nonfat) 120

½ cup of berries or 1 small peach 50

½ tbsp almond butter or 8 almonds 56

Calories= 226

1 cup Nonfat/NO SUGAR Greek Yogurt 120

½ tbsp Peanut Butter 50

½ banana 50



Medium Apple 75

20 almonds 140

Calories= 215

Lunch/Dinner (Can have any of the below for these meals)


¾ cup whole wheat noodles or rice noodles (cooked) 130

½ cup spaghetti sauce 40

3 oz leanest ground beef or 4oz lean ground turkey or 4oz chicken 120

1 cup green beans (no butter) 44

1 tsp Olive Oil 40



Turkey Wrap

Whole Wheat or rice Tortilla- 120 calorie wrap or less

4oz turkey breast lunchmeat (low sodium if can) 120

2 teaspoons mustard 10

1/2 cup spinach 20

Tomato 15

1/6 of an avocado 40

¼ cup of berries 20

Calories= 350


Grilled Chicken Meal

3oz Grilled Chicken Breast 120

½ teaspoon olive oil 50

1 5oz sweet potato 150

½ cup NON starchy veggies 25


General Information: ***Starchy veggies are: corn, beans, potatoes and peas

***Add any spices that you would like to any meal

***Try not to overdose on the sodium

***If you have to have butter for your veggies, use a few sprays of no calorie spray butter

***If you find recipes you want to try, send them to me and I will alter them!