Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weigh in day!!! Wait till you see what we did!!!!

Weight in Day...Wait Till You See What We Did!

I am very surprised at our weigh in this week.  We have both been so sick that I thought we did horrible.  Instead, we both had major losses!  I am so thankful. I think it is because of our eating.  When we are sick we just do not eat as much!  We are both back at the gym and although I am not back to 100% I am determined I need to at least work out, even if I can not swim.  It felt so good to be back at the gym.  It also felt good to have my husband be the one to suggest it.  I think that means we are back on track!!!!

Our stats for the week
Dave Starting weight-- 380
Dave's starting weight with fawn- 330
Dave's weight last week 269
Dave's weight today- 266
Weight loss for the week- 3 pound loss
Total weight loss with Fawn- 64 pounds
Total weight loss- 114 pounds!!!

Kathleen's Starting weight-- 270
Kathleen's starting weight with fawn-260
Kathleen's weight last week 216
Kathleen's weight today-211
Weight loss for the week- 5 pounds
Total weight loss with Fawn- 49 pounds
Total weight loss-59 pounds!!!  YEAH!!!! (I want 60!!!)
Weight loss of Dave and Kathleen for this week- 8 pounds!
Total weight loss of Dave and Kathleen- 173 pounds- In 11 months

Total weight loss with fawn- 113 pounds! (in 5 months!) 

Since coming to the gym I have been trying to get skinny enough to put the leg machine on the last hole....yesterday I was able to do it.  I was not even thinking about it and when I happened I almost screamed! I was so glad that Becca had her camera with her so that I could share it with you!  It was the highlight of my day! I was sooo happy!  It is working. Even when I was sooo sick I was still able to loose weight and make a change in my body!  Now that is exciting!

Positives for week
* I cleaned out my closet and go rid of my 2x-3x clothes
* I have been able to resist peanut butter...I think that is the reason for my weight loss!
* Dave is feeling better- in body and sprirt!
* My 18-20 pants are starting to get big on me
* I need to go bra shopping (if you know what i mean!)
* My rings are getting to big on me
* Dave put on one of his 44 pants by mistake and we thought they were going to fall off from him during the show!  We laughed about it later!
* Dave has had to put new holes in his belt and once we get money we will go belt shopping
* I bought new pj's in size 16-18 and they fit me with room to spare
*When we were home with the family I was able to eat "Fawn approved" food and when I had desert I had 1/3 of a piece that I would normally have.  I also got sick later because I was not used to the sugar...was it worth it??? Still working on that question.

Negatives for week
* I still cant get over this cough and cold.  On second round of meds.  My lungs are still compromised, and I am coughing all the time.
* It was harder at the gym because I am so week from being sick
* Dave has had a hard time emotionally this week, not sure why.  Seems better since he talked to Fawn

Well that is my week!  We had a hard week, but God blessed us any ways with good losses. Thank you all for your prayers and comments, and love.  I am so happy we have your support. Don't know if  we could have done this without you!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I am sooo tired of being sick!!! Can't go to the gym, and can't swim...I need to get back on track!

I have now been not feeling well for two weeks.  I have started my second round of meds, and just cant wait to feel better.  I miss going to the gym. It makes me sad that I can not swim... I miss the energy.  I miss feeling great!  I cant seem to get back where I was.  I go to work come home and crash.  That is all that I have energy for.  The good thing about it is, I really don't feel like eating so I dont think I have gained anything...I just am not doing what I need to do.  I know if I go exercise or swim I will get sicker.  It is almost like I am in a holding pattern right now.  So please keep our family in your prayers. We will get back on track...even stronger than we were before, but right now we just need to get healthy!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finally feeling human again!

  Dave is Finally Feeling Human Again

It has been a couple weeks since I have felt healthy. Finally I returned to my work out sessions.  It took me a week to get back into shape to handle it. I was worried that I had undone all the work taking so much time off. However, I had no problem resuming where I left off. One of the trainers there told me that every 6 weeks or so I should take a week off and allow my body to heal so it can come back stronger. It really worked the work our was for the most part pretty easy for me.

Fawn is a real task master - she wants me to make another goal. I'm trying to get to 250 pounds!!! right now I'm at 272. I'm not going to lie to you folks, it seems a long ways to 250 . I have not moved much for over a month now.  I'm on a new calorie count and exercise regime.  Although it's been tough to get into the swing of it since my flue type illness, I am back on track.  I'm not sure I've got it in me for a big push. I mean a big push to reach 250!!! I am having trouble getting into the mental shape I need to for this one folks.

Lately I've been struggling with a bad attitude. I'm just not happy with life in general right now at all. I'm amazed I have not turned to food and really pigged out. I think it's just habit for me to eat healthier now so I've held my own as far as not gaining weight. It's tough not having any substantial weight loss in quite awhile. It's really getting on my nerves.

I guess it proves though, even when life is not all you wish it would be you can still keep the weight off. Just keep doing what you know is right. East good healthy meals.  Exercise as much as you can! You can do it. Well I'll keep ya all posted on my new fight to regain a little enthusiasm again.

 Do I keep going or give up?  That's the question I've been pondering the last couple of weeks. I was sick for awhile and the I just never got back into the grove I guess.  I also had some personal set backs that have really hit me between the eyes. Lump all that together and it makes for one very un-fun time as of late. I have not gone off my diet or anything but I have not gone forward either.  I have just kind of sat here in park.  So shall I stay that way or make a big push? I have not really answered that question inside myself yet. I did plan on working out today but wound up shoveling snow for two hours instead. So, I got my work out just not the way I planned. I'm still holding at 271-274 range so I'm in a stall pattern.

I  lack the initiative I've had in the past. I'm really struggling to find that excitement that was so real just a short time ago. It's probably some kind of mini depression that has derailed my drive. So friends keep me in your thoughts as I try to snap out of this thing. I'm still suppose to lose 50 more pounds. Even with all the success I've had, I find myself doubting I can still do it.
I'll keep ya all posted as I continye this fight to regain a little confidence again,


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I have reached one of my Goals at the gym!!! Yeah!!!



Since coming to the gym I have been trying to get skinny enough to put the leg machine on the last hole....yesterday I was able to do it.  I was not even thinking about it and when I happened I almost screamed! I was so glad that Becca had her camera with her so that I could share it with you!  It was the highlight of my day! I was sooo happy!  It is working. Even when I was sooo sick I was still able to loose weight and make a change in my body!  Now that is exciting!






Monday, January 17, 2011

We are still sick...but holding on...We need your prayers to get better!

We are Sick, But Holding on...

Ever get to a point in your life when you say, What else can happen?" I think that is our week.  I guess if we don't see us getting better this week I had better call the doctor.  Now Dave is sick too. He has the horrible cough and burning in chest that I have. The kids are getting better, but not 100%.  It is not a fun house to be in right now.  No one feels good. We have not been to the gym in a week, money is short, and we have two cars out of commission. 

Sat night we got a call from the Sheriff's Dept at 2:30am saying someone had hit our car. It was sitting in our driveway and someone had slid into it.  That was our van.  They took the whole back bumper off.  Last night, Brandon was working till 11.  When It got to be midnight and he was not home I started getting worried.  Dave called him and he had slid off the road and was stuck in a ditch.  The tire is bent, and we are not sure what else is going on with it...so that car is at the shop.  Besides the drama of all that the lack of sleep has not helped our situation at all.  Please join me in praying for protection of my family these next few weeks.  I feel like we are under spiritual attack, and not sure how to handle it.  We need your help.

On the upside...I don't think Dave or I have gained any weight.  I think we are holding to what we were when we started, or maybe a little bit down.  My scale said 212 this morning.  Which was a one pound loss and I believe Dave is still 269 or so.  We are trying to get down to 200 and 250 by the time we see Fawn.  This will only be possible if we get better.   Please continue to pray for us, and our journey.  We need your help!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It is not easy when you are sick....

It is Not Easy When you are Sick..

Ever feel like everything is harder for you some days then others?  That is what it has been like for us.  I have been sick since Sunday.  You know I am sick if I miss church.  I did not even think about going when I got up Sunday morning.  I could barely talk and my lungs and throat were burning.  I rested all day Sunday and felt better on Monday.  Worked on Monday and was sick on Tuesday, Worked on Wed and crawled in to bed when I got home.  Then Thursday was sick again.  I can't seem to shake this.  I know I can't go to the gym and exercise when I feel like this,  I certainly can't swim.  I just have to keep going. 

I am not eating as much at least since I have been feeling so sick.  Today I made some soup that hit the spot.  I did find that I was turning to peanut butter for my comfort food.  2-5 times a day I was eating peanut butter.  I talked it over with Fawn and we decided to go on a peanut butter fast.  We can not have peanut butter until I am below 200 pounds.  When I feel the urge to have peanut butter, I  need to stop and pray for me, Fawn and the others on the journey.  I know I will start gaining weight if I don't stop.  It is just so hard.

This is really the first time I have been sick since I started...really sick, and I want comfort.  I went out and got my medicine and got a dark chocolate candy bar and some popcorn and ate them.  It was such a strong need to have comfort foods.  Now normally I would have gotten (or Dave would have bought me) a huge bag of sponge candy and I would have eaten it all!  I did better then I used to but not good enough.  I know I have gained this week and I am kind of  glad that I am too sick to go to the gym and weigh in.  I heard easy off then easy on as far as weight gain...but I also heard Easy on then easy off.  As soon as I start feeling better I will get right back to the pool and the gym. Fawn called today just at the right moment (God is good that way)  We had a nice talk and it helped me get focused.  I know that God has awesome plans for Dave and I.  We need to keep working at this until we reach our goal.  Please pray for us.  For health, and for endurance.  Love you  guys thanks for your support!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

48, 38, ?

Size 48 to 38 Wow!

I'm now wearing a size 38 pants. It's been a long, long, long time since that's happened folks. I have been at a stand still lately, however. I'm hovering between 269 and 275. I've been really hungry too. I'm working with Fawn and my workout coach to try and solve my hunger issued. I'm still eating the right foods, just too much of them. My body has changed again so that seems to be the reason for my constant hunger. I've also been eating too much carbs and not enough protein.

Now I need to get back on track as far as making sure all my meals are balanced so I don't get so hungry all the time... I love to eat cereal but it's just not hardy enough to be really filling. Once this issue is made right I'll be losing weight again.. I'll keep you posted on my results. As long as you stick with what you are doing and don't give up the results will come. Who would have thought I would be down 10 sizes in pants? If I can do it so can you.

See you on the skinny side of life,


Friday, January 7, 2011

Weigh in Day...With new pictures! We did good this week! Losses for both!

Our stats for the week
Dave Starting weight-- 380
Dave's starting weight with fawn- 330
Dave's weight last week 274
Dave's weight today- 269
Weight loss for the week- 5 pound loss
Total weight loss with Fawn- 61 pounds
Total weight loss- 111 pounds!!!

Kathleen's Starting weight-- 270
Kathleen's starting weight with fawn-260
Kathleen's weight last week 218
Kathleen's weight today-216
Weight loss for the week- 3 pounds
Total weight loss with Fawn- 47 pounds
Total weight loss-57 pounds!!!  YEAH!!!!

Total weight loss of Dave and Kathleen- 168 pounds- In 10 months
Total weight loss with fawn- 108 pounds! 

Me in my new Christmas outfit

Dave and I Christmas Day!

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We both got smaller clothes for christmas!
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Spring Creek athletic club is Awesome! The whole family is involved now!!

Spring Creek Athletic Club is Awesome! The Whole Family is now going!
If you have not gotten into a local gym I would encourage you to do it.  It will change your life.  It has become a bonding time for my family and I. Spring Creek Athletic Club in Springville will let you try it out for free for one week.  I promise you, you will not regret it.  The workers and trainers there are awesome!  It has state of the art equipment.   Besides that it is just  a fun place to be. 

Yes they did it....they took the plunge and now they are getting hooked on exercise, just like we are.  They are using their own money and buying a membership at the gym.  Sometimes Brandon and Becca get up at 5am just to get their time in at the gym.  It is crazy!  I am so happy that they are excited about it.  They are getting healthier each day! 
The Jeffers are exercising at Spring Creek athletic club!  We are loving it!

Today I rocked my 14 year old sick baby girl by the fire...I could not have dont that 6 months ago...I have a lap!

Today I Rocked My 14 Year Old Sick Baby Girl by the Fire!

When Dave and I were on our honey moon, one of our first purchases was a rocking chair.  I had always loved to be rocked and knew that I wanted one.  We bought it in Niagara Falls on our trip and stuffed it in our car to come home. As I placed it in my home, I knew that one day I would rock my babies in that chair.  As each child came.  I would hold them in my arm, rock them and sing to them.  It was a special time.  A time to unwind, relax, and just bond with my children. As they got older, I would rock them and read to them.  I loved the special bonding time that chair gave.  Five years ago we had a house fire.  We lost most of our furniture...all of our possessions.  In the hustle and bustle of rebuilding the house...the rocking chair was never replace...the kids were older, I had forgotten the magic of the rocking chair.  As I gained weight, I no longer had a lap for them to sit on...so I did not think about replacing it. 

Last September my mother went to be with the Lord...we have been working on dividing up the house, and choosing things that we wanted.  Without thinking about it I said I wanted the rocking chair.  Two days ago my sister delivered it to my house.  As I placed it in my living room, tears came to my eyes.  There was a piece of mom in my living room.  I pulled it over by the fire and started to rock....I felt such peace, joy and contentment! 

This morning Rachael came down for school and she was sick.  She had a fever and a horrible cough.   I gave her medicine, got her her bathrobe and her slippers and sat down in the rocking chair.  She instantly crawled into my lap.  As I rocked my 14 year old baby I realized...I could not have done that six months ago.  I had such a big stomach....that we would not have fit in that rocking chair together.  I held my baby girl, as I had done so many times when she was little and felt the magic of the rocking chair take over once again.  I was able to love her and comfort her in a way that I have not in years.  Thank you mom for the gift of the rocking chair.  I have a feeling it will be with me for many years.  Perhaps, I can rock and sing to my grandchildren and then teach them the magic of the rocking chair.