Monday, January 17, 2011

We are still sick...but holding on...We need your prayers to get better!

We are Sick, But Holding on...

Ever get to a point in your life when you say, What else can happen?" I think that is our week.  I guess if we don't see us getting better this week I had better call the doctor.  Now Dave is sick too. He has the horrible cough and burning in chest that I have. The kids are getting better, but not 100%.  It is not a fun house to be in right now.  No one feels good. We have not been to the gym in a week, money is short, and we have two cars out of commission. 

Sat night we got a call from the Sheriff's Dept at 2:30am saying someone had hit our car. It was sitting in our driveway and someone had slid into it.  That was our van.  They took the whole back bumper off.  Last night, Brandon was working till 11.  When It got to be midnight and he was not home I started getting worried.  Dave called him and he had slid off the road and was stuck in a ditch.  The tire is bent, and we are not sure what else is going on with it...so that car is at the shop.  Besides the drama of all that the lack of sleep has not helped our situation at all.  Please join me in praying for protection of my family these next few weeks.  I feel like we are under spiritual attack, and not sure how to handle it.  We need your help.

On the upside...I don't think Dave or I have gained any weight.  I think we are holding to what we were when we started, or maybe a little bit down.  My scale said 212 this morning.  Which was a one pound loss and I believe Dave is still 269 or so.  We are trying to get down to 200 and 250 by the time we see Fawn.  This will only be possible if we get better.   Please continue to pray for us, and our journey.  We need your help!


  1. So praying. I thought it was me but I've seem to have congestion chest and head, can't sleep, and my body aches all over. I was wondering if I had fibromyalga because my bones, joints, muscles, and fat hurt. Maybe it's all viral though - seems like you got it to. Love to you all carolyn

  2. Sorry you're all going through so much. Life is like that. Ever notice? Fawn will be here on February 6th thru the 16th. I think you'll make your goal or you'll be mighty close. Love you all!