Saturday, July 16, 2011


Did you ever work at something soo hard and feel like you can never accomplish it.  That is what is has been like for me...My goal...to get below 200.  This morning I was 200.8.  Fawn is coming on Sunday. We are picking her up at the airport at 4.  I really want to be at 199.  I dont care if it is 199.9 as long as I am below 200!  I have never been this close. I really am so excited about it.  Please pray for me that I can do it.  I have less then 24 hours to loose .9 pounds.  My first reaction is to not eat....but I want to do it the right way, the way I have been doing it from the beginning...to me it would seem like cheating to do it that way.
Three days ago David called me in and asked me to read the scale for him....he told me he couldn't see it! YEAH RIGHT! He just wanted me to see that he was below 250. He was actually 248.  Part of me was soo excited for him...and part of me was...like what about me.  I have been working almost every day, doing my laps, going to the gym, and now he reaches his goal before me...after I just yelled at him for eating things he shouldnt be and not going to the gym...sometimes life just does not seem fair.  I am soo happy for Dave. He really looks awesome.  He is a real handsome man!!! I am thrilled that God blessed me with such a wonderful man.
Could you just take a minute to say a little prayer for me to be able to reach my goal...soon before Fawn leaves my house on Monday!  I dont think it is to trivial, or selfish.  I have been above 200 for this last twenty years...below 210 for the last 4  months.....If God cares about the hairs on my head (maybe a haircut would take off the weight!???) and cares about a fallen sparrow, then He knows the deirse  of my hear...he knows it would mean so much to me for it to happen when Fawn is here.  I will let you know when it happenss...it is going to be soon!!!
Thanks for all your love, your encouragment, and your support!
Love you guys,