Meet our Lifestyle Specialist, Fawn Woodfin

Fawn is a vibrant Lifestyle Specialist who focuses on encouraging others to live their lives to the fullest, while making their health a priority.  The mindset behind everything is her main focus, while she also enforces a balanced nutrition plan and personalized exercise for each individual. Fawn currently lives in Los Angeles, where she and her husband Zac, are working with clients all over the country, encouraging them through their weight loss journeys. She believes that anyone can make anything happen that they set their mind to, they just have to believe in themselves!

Most of her childhood was in Honduras where she and her family spent many days building homes, connecting with the culture and feeding the hungry. It was then that she developed the desire to implement positive change in the world. Her deep love for people and the desire to make a difference are the driving forces behind everything that she does.

With tools like the Disc Assessment and Strengths Finder, Fawn has began to analyze and devote time to developing a greater understanding of human lifestyle tendencies. She is a columnist for the Lifestyle Fitness section of the Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, and also writes on mindset for elite fitness clubs. From working with an orphanage in Ensenada Mexico to devoting time to at risk youth in Los Angeles, Fawn is always taking time to impact the lives around her. She has the ability to connect to a wide variety of individuals on an emotional level and has the gift of making them feel comfortable immediately upon introduction. 

   So you want to know if Fawn Woodfin can help change your life!. Well I started off at 330 pounds and no energy. I had trouble tying my shoes, walking for any length of time with out gasping for breath, sleeping at night and a host of other symptoms. Fawn has only been working with me for a little over a month. In that time I’ve lost over 30 pounds. I now weigh 296 pounds. Your probably wondering what kind of crazy diet she put me on or how many magic pills I’m taking aren’t ya?  The answer is none, you see I’m not on some weird diet or popping pills to reduce my weight.

   Fawn instituted a lifestyle change in my life. First she raider my fridge, no more unhealthy foods for me. She then showed me how to eat properly. I now eat foods that drive up my energy while actually helping me to lose weight. I’m eating six times a day folks and I’m losing weight. You’ll have to ask her how this all works, she’s the expert. I’m exercising everyday and loving it. I haven’t felt this good in years. People who know me keep saying how good I look. Everybody wants to know my secret. My secret Is Fawn. She motivates and encourages in such a way that you can really see yourself in great shape long before it happens. Her smile and genuine caring personality help keep you going when the times get tough.

   Fawn is honest, she tells you right up front it won’t be easy but you will make it. She taught me how to shop for really good foods that actually taste great. Most diet foods taste like dirt… I’m enjoying eating healthy, especially since it taste so good.  She put me on a exercise program that’s pushed me hard but has made me feel so much better. The change has been astounding just check out my blog at http://kathleendavejeffers.blogspot.com. Just look at me when we first started! I already look so different and I still have a long way to go.

   So my friends if your tired of being FAT and tired out work with Fawn and change your life starting today. As soon as you talk with her you’ll feel hope rising up with in you. You’ll believe you can shed all those pounds that make you feel so defeated. She will keep you accountable and on track, she will also be there when you’re ready to quit. She will help you if your really serious about finally taking control of your life. Get ready to start  a journey to weight loss. See ya on the skinny side of life.

Dave Jeffers