Thursday, January 13, 2011

It is not easy when you are sick....

It is Not Easy When you are Sick..

Ever feel like everything is harder for you some days then others?  That is what it has been like for us.  I have been sick since Sunday.  You know I am sick if I miss church.  I did not even think about going when I got up Sunday morning.  I could barely talk and my lungs and throat were burning.  I rested all day Sunday and felt better on Monday.  Worked on Monday and was sick on Tuesday, Worked on Wed and crawled in to bed when I got home.  Then Thursday was sick again.  I can't seem to shake this.  I know I can't go to the gym and exercise when I feel like this,  I certainly can't swim.  I just have to keep going. 

I am not eating as much at least since I have been feeling so sick.  Today I made some soup that hit the spot.  I did find that I was turning to peanut butter for my comfort food.  2-5 times a day I was eating peanut butter.  I talked it over with Fawn and we decided to go on a peanut butter fast.  We can not have peanut butter until I am below 200 pounds.  When I feel the urge to have peanut butter, I  need to stop and pray for me, Fawn and the others on the journey.  I know I will start gaining weight if I don't stop.  It is just so hard.

This is really the first time I have been sick since I started...really sick, and I want comfort.  I went out and got my medicine and got a dark chocolate candy bar and some popcorn and ate them.  It was such a strong need to have comfort foods.  Now normally I would have gotten (or Dave would have bought me) a huge bag of sponge candy and I would have eaten it all!  I did better then I used to but not good enough.  I know I have gained this week and I am kind of  glad that I am too sick to go to the gym and weigh in.  I heard easy off then easy on as far as weight gain...but I also heard Easy on then easy off.  As soon as I start feeling better I will get right back to the pool and the gym. Fawn called today just at the right moment (God is good that way)  We had a nice talk and it helped me get focused.  I know that God has awesome plans for Dave and I.  We need to keep working at this until we reach our goal.  Please pray for us.  For health, and for endurance.  Love you  guys thanks for your support!


  1. So sorry to hear that your sick. I will also include your peanut butter prayers in my prayers. Right now my equivalent to your peanut butter is eggs. I talked to fawn about that already. It's ok that you ate in moderation. Your going to do this - look how much you've changed and helped others to change. Go Get em Girl!!!

  2. Amen Carolyn! : ) I love you Aunt Kathleen! :) I have stuck to our plan and will! I love you soooo much!!!