Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It is time to step it up a notch and start working out at a gym! Springcreek Athetic Club here we come!

 Lets Join a Gym!

Dave is all ready to go!

We decided we needed a little more then our home gym.  Although we have done well, we know we can do better.  We are now working with trainers who will plan an exercise program that will be both challenging and will work parts of our body we have not been able to do at home.  Kathleen has been working her legs through walking and bike riding. She now needs to get those arms in shape.  We have to be very careful of Kathleen's neck.  She has had neck surgery, and needs to make sure no stress is put on plate and screws.  They are being very conservative with her when it comes to back exercises.
They tell us that after two or three weeks we will get to the point where we are hooked on exercise. It has only been a week now, and I will tell you I feel muscles that I never ever felt before.  It takes about one day for us to recover from what we do.  We start on the bike and then work for 35 minutes on the weights.  I am using my legs and my arms like I have never done before.  They also said initially we could gan weight instead of loose it. They said that is because muscle weighs more than fat.  They were awesome here.  The trainer spent around 2 hours with each of us...explaining it all doing our weight body mass and then settingu up a program that works for us.  I would reccomend them to anyone.  They are great here.  This is now our exercise plan..
M, W, F
Start with 10 minutes on exercise bike - My goal on that is to beat my time.  I can now do 2.7 miles in 10 minutes.  that is our warm up
Then we go through a series of weight training exercises for 40 minutes.  Then we cool down on the bike again. 
On opposite days we walk for 2-5 miles or we use bike and eliptical at home for no more then 40 minutes.  They said that is the limit for exercise- 40 minutes.

We have a card that tells us what to do. We fill out what we have done and how much weights we used.  The trainers review these and make changes as we go along.  They also checked our body mass, fat mass, muscle mass.  I have to tell you for years I have used the old excuse...we are big boned...as to why I weigh so much.  That is not true! Do you realize how shocked I was when they told me my body was 56% fat!!!! That is over half of my body.  That is after I have been working out for a month!  What was I when I started....75% fat????  That is crazy!  Dave is 38% fat after working out for 6 months.  That is better than me, but the want us to low 20's.  It will take alot of hard work for that.  The man that trained me was over 300 pounds. He is now 18% body fat and skinny.  There is hope!

This is what print out looks like.  They use this awesome machine that spits it out in seconds.  They want us to do it every week. 

Why are we doing this??? We want to be able to hold up a sign that says...I lost 100 pounds, not jus 22 and 34!  I know we can do it we just need to persivere.  We can not give up!  If you feel like giving up picture your self skiny.  Make that your goal  You will be glad that you did.  God will give you the strength to do it.  If we can do it so can you!

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