Monday, September 20, 2010

Who's That?

Who Is That?

I've been losing weight and exercising for awhile now but I did not see any real results when I looked in the mirror. Other people said, "Your looking better Dave" but I just did not see it. The other day I was passing by a mirror and it stopped me in my tracks. My face, it's skinny - it looks like somebody else starring back. Then it hit me, it is somebody else starring back. I've lost a lot of weight and finally I see it!!!! NOW there's no stopping me. I need to lose another 75 pounds to reach my goal. I'm ready for what's next to accomplish it, let's go!


  1. You are looking great Dave! Words can't express the pride we feel at what you're doing and your determination to "finish the race."

  2. hello dave congrats on you recent succes of the weifght lost your right i dont see it but i do feel confident and i get alot of compliments. great job keep going your not alone