Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Twenty years ago I was given the best birthday gift ever!

Twenty Years Ago I Was Given the Best Birthday Gift Ever!

HE was the best present I could have ever asked for!!!

When I became pregnant with my first and they told me my due date was on my birthday.  I was mad.  I selfishly wanted my own day and a day for my baby. I did go into labor on my birthday.  When the doctor came in at 7 and told me "I guess you wont have it on your birthday", I looked at him and said, "Oh yes I will!"  25 minutes later I was holding a wonderful baby boy. Our life has forever been changed for the better.  I love sharing my birthday with him.  He is so much fun.  All day long for as long as I can remember we would both look at each other and smile and see who could say "Happy Birthday" first.  We always shared a cake and shared the day.  It was very special to each of us.  This year I am in a  dilemma. Do I go get a small cake for just Brandon and the girls, or do we start a new tradition.  A healthier tradition. 

He has been trying to follow what we eat so he really does not expect a cake.  It just seems kind of weird to have a birthday without a birthday cake.  I got an unexpected present today.  I stepped on the scale thinking I have not lost anything today and I have lost another 3 pounds.  I have now lost 25 pounds with Fawn and 35 since I started 6 weeks ago!  It is another milestone! I lost another 10 pounds! It is working, even when I feel like it is not.  Why would I get a cake when it is working,  .I don't need it.  Brandon does not need it.  Even the girls, who are super skinny and in shape don't need the sugar!  I think I will just decorate the dining room with his special table clothe I always use and fix a nice healthy meal of chicken and rice.  That sounds so much better!  I don't need to do something just because it is expected. 

This is the year of change. It is a year of spiritual growth, not physical growth. God please bless my child tomorrow as he starts college.  I pray that he is surrounded by good christian friends..and that he will succeed in all that he does at college.  So tomorrow we embark on  a new journey.  Today we will pack my son up and tomorrow we will head off to college.  I pray that this is a wonderful experience for Brandon.  Could you pray too!  If he is surrounded by prayer he can't help but succeed.

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