Monday, September 6, 2010

Sick but still sticking to my guns!!!

Sick, But Still Sticking To My Guns!

This has been a tough week. I've been sick with some kind of flu bug so my exercising routine went right out the window for the past 5 days. I was worried that this would really hurt my weight loss. As it turns out, because my appetite was also affected, I remained between 306 and 308. My wife has been going through a really hard time due to her mother's illness. She's been helping put together a huge garage sale to clean out things at her mom's house. It required hours and hours of hard physical work and she had to sleep at her mom's house for 2 nights.

This left me home alone to find my own meals. Would I weaken and run to McDonald's??
NEVER.... My son and I scrounged and ate every bit of healthy food we could find until all the food was gone. Finally, I said, "Alright, lets go to a restaurant".  I know what your thinking, this is where I ordered everything that I've been denying myself since my lifestyle change went into effect... NOPE! Some how I ignored all the fattening stuff that use to dominate my diet. I ordered the Pittsburgh steak salad, I even told them to leave out the french fries that normally come in the salad. I had a raspberry vinaigrette lite salad dressing on top of it all. It tasted great, and I was full at the end of my meal.

So. I survived my time of sickness, stress and temptation! Oh I forgot to mention that I helped with the garage sale.  You'll never guess what the family ordered to eat when the dust finally settled, Three large pizzas and a whole ton of chicken wings. My most favorite of fattening meals. To make this even tougher I was elected to go help pick them up. On the way back home all that delicious stuff rested right on my lap as we headed back home. I ended up eating a total of 5 wings "barbeque" and that's al. Not bad for a guy that could easily eat the whole box!

So, if I can do it, so can you. It's easy to use tough times as an excuse to pig out!. Hold fast, fellow over eaters, you can resist and can make it if you want it (skinniness, freedom, good looks!) bad enough. After all do you really want the guilt of returning to your former lifestyle?  This on top of the belly ache you'll get compounded by the stress of whatever situation you may be going through? It is not worth it. It is easier to just say NO!

See you on the Skinny side of  life,


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