Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Week two comes to an end! We are loosing weight!

Week Two Comes To an End. We Are Losing Weight!
Well our first week came to a close. This is the first time I have had to sit down and let you know how we are doing!  I can not believe it is working so well!  Not only to loosing weight but the change in my family and our bodies.  Here are some things that have happened this week!

*Dave is now sleeping well!  He goes right to sleep and sleeps all night. No more tossing and turning
*Kathleen is taking less pain pills.  I am down to taking only one pill a day!  This is the first time in years I have been able to do that.
* My eyes are whiter and brighter.  Before when I was a clown, my eyes would look yellowed, or discolored with red streaks in it.  Now they shine next to my white clown face.
*My  underwear are getting big!  I had to go buy the next smaller size!  Yeah!!!
*We have no desire to eat out- we like our food better than any we can get at a restaurant.
*We have no shakiness or effects from giving up white bread, soda, or Splenda.
*We have so much more energy!
* My family is eating meals together and loving it.
*My family is growing closer together through all this!

Starting weight- 380
Starting weight with Fawn- 330
Weight after 2 weeks- 309
Total weight loss- 71 pounds
Total weight loss in 2 weeks- 21 pounds
Starting weight- 270
Starting weight with Fawn- 260
Weight after 2 weeks-248
Total weight loss- 6 pounds
Total weight loss in 2 weeks- 12 pounds

Thank you for all of you that are encouraging Dave and I in our weight loss journey.  I am excited to see that it is working.  Your prayers and notes are what are keeping us going. If we can do it so can you.  Join our journey and let us know how you are doing.

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  1. OMGah! Kathleen 12 pounds! That is AMAZING! WAY TO GO! and Dave-wow! That is wonderful! You guys are doing so well! I am so proud of both of you! One day we will have to all get together and talk about "the old days" when we used to be big...haha I am so glad that you are both doing well. I am glad you are not having to take so much medicine anymore. Love you guys..XOXO