Saturday, October 2, 2010

Week 5 we have lost a total of 118 pounds!

This was our first week at the gym.  They told us we might not loose in the first few weeks so I was very nervous.  For the first time since we started I have lost and Dave has gained.  Dave only gained one pound.  I lost 3.  If you read his previous blog you will find out why.  He needs to drink water...lots of water.  Actually they said both of us are dehydrated and need to drink more!  When we were loosing the most weight is when we were drinking 8-10 bottles of water a day.  When we stopped doing that we did not loose as much. So we are trying to drink more water from now on and see the difference it makes.  I lost 4 pounds of fat...but also one pound of muscle. He said this is due to low protein.  If I would have had more chicken or more nuts I would not have lost the muscle.  I told him I had run out of nuts and did not replace them.  Now I could kick myself because It cost me one pound of muscle that I worked so hard for.  My % of body fat is down and my % of muscle is up...so it is working.  I just need to follow the plan exactly so that I am doing all that I can do to loose the way I should.   Because Dave was soo dehydrated his numbers were all mixed up.  We need to make changes this week so that we can get back on track. We are not descouraged because Dave gained a pound.  He knows that muscle weighs more than fat and that this could happen...but we are upset that we are both dehydrated.  We need water. She thought my stats were bad at 400 and then she saw Daves at 300 and said " Wow You are really dehydrated..you need to drink more water!"  That is why we are evaluating everything.  We want someone each week to look at our stats and say how we are doing! 

Good things that happened this week-
*We are working out every other day at the gym.
*Dave put on a pair of jeans and they were huge on him.  He could have slipped them off without unhooking  them!  Dave might not have lost pounds but he is defintly loosing inches.
*The days we are not working out we are walking 2-4 miles
*We are parking further away from doors just to walk
*We take the stairs as much as possible
*At the gym I have been doing my execises from physical theoropy so I should notice difference in neck too.

Negitive things
*We seem to be not sticking to the diet plan as much as we were...money is low this week so we are eating what we have.  We are not eating anything we are not supposed to, just not eating  in correct balance.
*Because we are not eating correct balance we do not have as much energy as we did
*Because we are not eating correct balance we are not as full as we used to
*We need to manage our time better. Seems like there is too much to do and not enough time.

HEre are the stats:
Dave Starting weight-- 380
Daves starting weight with fawn- 330
Daves weight last week 296
Daves weight today- 297
Weight loss for the week- 1 pound gain
Total weight loss with Fawn- 33 pounds (in 5 weeks)
Total weight loss- 83 pounds!!!

Kathleen's Starting weight-- 270
Kathleen's starting weight with fawn-260
Kathleen's weight last week 238
Kathleen's weight today-235
Weight loss for the week- 3 pounds
Total weight loss with Fawn- 25 pounds (in 4 weeks)
Total weight loss-35 pounds!!!

Total weight loss of Dave and Kathleen- 118 pounds- In 6 months (that is how much my daughter weighs)
Total weight loss with fawn- 58 pounds! (in 5 weeks!)


  1. Wow...thank you for that info about water! I didn't realize what a negative effect it can have if we don't drink enough! I actually can tell when I'm lacking.
    I was talking to a friend of mine that goes to a weight loss doctor and she was telling me the same thing. He said that drinking the required amounts of water daily is a KEY factor in a weight loss regime! Water is my friend!!!!!!!!

  2. The most important thing to remember IS Hydrate, but keep up that balanced meal plan!!! That will speed up your metabolism etc! Diet and Exercise go hand in hand! Get back on track starting this week! No excuses! Love yall! fAWN

  3. kathleen and Dave I have an urge to get healthy and I can't believe what an inspiration you are to me. I've seen people get healthy who have the money to get the food and exercise equipment etc. These were people who don't live week to week. I'm glad to see average americans like myself can do it. I also have a back problem as well. Seeing other people who have difficulties in different areas of life give me the assurance that I too will join you in getting healthy. Thanks for your updates - I look for them everyday! See you soon. Carolyn