Monday, October 4, 2010

Moving On

Brandon's room. If you look close you can see Grandpas chair at desk!!!
   My boy has gone to college and left me behind, The Nerve. It's been a hard few weeks, My wife's mom died, my youth leader from my younger days died, my boy went to college. My boy leaving really hit me hard. We've been best friends since the day he was born. I perform magic for a living and he's been going to shows with me since he was 5. We had a ball performing together, I watched him turn into a hilarious comedy style performer. I cried many tears when I got home and found no Brandon. I was flooded with memories of all the great times we had together. I was also filled with regrets for all the mistakes I made not spending even more time together. I'm none the less so proud of him and all that he's become and is still becoming.
   I however did not drown my sorrows in chocolate cake and ice cream. I thought about it but only briefly. It was tough when we we're getting my son ready for college in Pittsburgh, we barely had time to eat or drink. There was a thousand forms to fill out and a thousand people to talk to. We ate right but we did not eat according to our menu. We sure did get our exercise however, up and down his 10 story campus building, we used the stairs! We got a good work out moving Brandon's furniture into his dorm room on the 7th floor, we used the elevator for that one!
   We'll folks that's all for now - I'll see you on the skinny side of life!

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