Friday, October 8, 2010

You need to reach out to others!!!

Dave and I had shows in Elmira NY (3 hours away). Luckily, it was near my brother so we packed up and went to visit them.  Thing kept happening to make us wonder if we should cancel our trip... Becca and Rachael were to be left home.  Wed spent the day at the doctors with them.  Beca tested positive for strep throat. I had her check me and although I tested negitive, they wanted to start me on meds anyways so I did not get it.  Many times we said.."Maybee,we should just stay home.."  But I knew we had to go,I knew God had something very special planned for us in those two days and he did.

We just feel so at home at their house. We know they love us no matter what.  That they support what we do in our ministry and in our diet.  It was a nice place to go.  Robin my room mate from college was coming up on Thursday, and I had a meeting with  a mom of two little ones that wanted to start the "Life change" Our shows were over Wed. so we could just relax on Thurday.  It was sooo good to see Robin.  She and I never stopped talking.  It was just like old times! At three we had a meeting with Carolyn... It is this that I really wanted to share with you.  This meeting was the real reason God wanted me to go to Elmira...this meeting has changed my life...
Carolyn is a young mother of two wonderful children.  She is very overweight, and wanted to talk about the "Life Change".  I was thinking I would have to talk her into it..and push her...instead she pushed me. As she talked about her weight, I could talk about mine.  How her goal was not a certain size, or  anything like that...it was about being able to take a walk in the woods with her kids, play ball with her kids...or just do normal life without getting out of breath. She had cleaned out her cupboards the day before and was waiting till Sunday to pass it out. I asked her if the food would be a temptation. She looked at me and said, "No because my husband has the key"  Wow that is strength  and determination.  That is amazing.  She is so heavy she does not want to walk outside, but she walks on her treadmll every day.  She also has a lady in the church that is going to work with her on exercise.  She is commited.  That is awesome!   I told her I know she will succeed, because she has the desire to change and has taken the steps to ensure she will succeed.  God opened my eyes to something.  Everyone that is overweight is struggling...not just with weight, but with the sadness that they have limitations, and they can't do certain things because of their weight, so therefore they are missing out of sooo much in life.  Myself included.  When I went to Pittsburg to look at college in Feb. I could not run up the stairs the way everyone else did. I told them I had to take the elevator because I had neck surgery and I have a plate and screws in my neck.  Did I have that...certainly, but it was 5 years ago and it is totally healed.  I was just to fat to do it.  This time, 35 pounds lighter, I took all the stairs I could, I tired my son and husband out. We are surrounded by people who are struggling.  We have the answer, we have the cure...we need to reach out and let them know. These are things that I have learned in my "Life Change"
1.  Until a person comes to the point in their life when they see the need to change, they will not succeed.  Each one of us needs to come to the point where their eyes are open and they see the fat for what it is...
something that is holding us back from leading a healthy life.
2. Once you decide Quit is not an option.  This is not a diet...but a life change, if you mess up tomorrow is another day.
3.  You can resist temptations.  If  I could walk away from a mile high table full of any kind of sweet you could ever imagine, while going through the stress of loosing my mother then you can resist the cake at a birthday party, or the pie at thanksgiving.
4. Your body is a wonderful machine that is designed to be worked and pushed  When they talked about weights, I was scared  I could not even do 3 pounds at physical theropy two years ago. I do up to 160 pound on my legs and 70 on my sholders and  and 30 on my arms.  It can be done (make sure it is supervised so you don't get hurt)  I never thought I could ride 7 miles in 30 minutes...or do 100 laps daily in pool, in 32 minutes. You can do it and exercise is one of the keys to getting healthy. You wont make the desired muscle if you do not.   It is important that you are daily trying to better what you do.  I told carolyn, If you do100 steps in 30 minutes...make it 102 the next week...Alway strive to push yourself a little more.
5. The food is wonderful on this plan and you will not want to go back to the fatty foods you were eating once you have learned to eat right. It is the easiest "DIET" (not!) that I have ever been on.  My family loves the food.  We actually get sick when we eat "unhealthy foods"
6  People think it is more expensive to eat healthy... I disagree.  When you take into consideration all of the eating out...all of the pop, drinks, snack foods....you will realize it will not cost you any more than before.  You do have to go shopping weekly, for fresh fruits, vegies...but in the long run, because you are eating less, it cost the same if not less.
7.  If I can do it soo can you!  You are made to be healthy!  Your body is a wonderful awesome machine designed to bring you joy not grief!  You can do it!

If we all work together we can do it!!!


  1. Kathleen I'm so glad that I was able to meet you - amazingly enough I already had those sandwich thins in my house - they are amazing!! Who knew healthy food could taste so good. Went great with the turkey! Thanks again! You made me cry today. You are such a real person and I long for that support locally but I know you are just a few hours away and not far by phone either. I hope you don't take this as a threat, but you will be hearing from me. Take care Carolyn

  2. What a post Kathleen! i think your visit with Carolyn get you an extra charge ;-) Blessings on you as you continue to be a blessing to others. Marcy