Saturday, October 9, 2010

Week 6 ! We have lost 124 pounds total!!!

My pants are getting too big on me!!!

Ok, we have now been doing this life change for six weeks, a month and a half!  It is working.  It is becoming routine. We are finally leveling off and just loosing 1-4 pounds a week.  This is really where you want to be at if you want to keep the weight off, and be healthy.  What we are focusing on now, is being faithful to the meal plan, and turning our fat into muscle!  We now look forward to going to the gym and it is a routine to do the weights every other day.  We feel better than we have in years!  We have more energy, more joy and less problems, then we have ever had!  Thank you for all of you who support us with your comments, your encouragment, and your prayers.  It is soo awesome to see how God is working in our lives.
I just wanted to give you some statistics that I think are cool.  Since we started this blog 5 weeks ago, we have had almost 1400 viewings. People are following us from the US, Canada, South Korea, Russia, and Germany!  I think that is so cool!  Let us know you are out there and post comments.  I put them on my comment page!  Thank you for all that you have done to support Dave and I.  We need your prayers and encouragement.

Positive things this week
* People are now noticing our weightloss big time.  Everywhere we go people are saying "You look great!"
* We have lost so much weight that Dave and I splurged and had to get new underware!  YEAH!!
* Our food plan is becoming regulated and we are back on track.
* We walked to the game on Friday night and you should have seen me speed walk!
* The pool at high school will be open this week!  Yeah!
* Got to spend time with Carolyn this week.  Highlight of my week!

* I had strep throat, so I missed a day at the gym
* Still missing my boy big time

Here are the stats:
Dave Starting weight-- 380
Daves starting weight with fawn- 330
Daves weight last week 297
Daves weight today- 293
Weight loss for the week- 4 pound loss
Total weight loss with Fawn- 37 pounds (in 6 weeks)
Total weight loss- 87 pounds!!!

Kathleen's Starting weight-- 270
Kathleen's starting weight with fawn-260
Kathleen's weight last week 235
Kathleen's weight today-233
Weight loss for the week- 2 pounds
Total weight loss with Fawn- 27 pounds (in 6 weeks)
Total weight loss-37 pounds!!!

Total weight loss of Dave and Kathleen- 124 pounds- In 6 months (that is how much my daughter weighs)
Total weight loss with fawn- 64 pounds! (in 6 weeks!)

I can not stress enough how much you readers mean to Dave and I.  I am amazed when I look at the stats We are making a difference!  I am so glad!  Please know each one of you are very special to me. We are a family...on a journey together!


  1. One of the highlights of the week was our meeting as well. Seeing you in person instructing me as you and Dave have just started your journey encourages me to think how much I will be able to do with my meal plan and then the physical activity part of it. It's almost for me as if I meat with a dietician and fawn at the same time. That meeting gave me such great want for this journey to begin and continue. As you know we've tried dieting before and since that's been in my past you think, well maybe I won't make it this time either. After our meeting I know I was meant to make it and join all of you in the success of living a healthy life. Thanks for inspiring me. I just can't thankyou enough!

  2. Carolyn, Just read what you said. The other diets have failed because they were just that "DIETS" This is a lifestyle change that will be with you the rest of your life! We will both succeed. Quit is not an option!!!

  3. WOOHOOOOOOO!!! So proud of yall!!!