Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yeah....I get new clothes!!!!! Smaller clothes!!!!

   Yeah, We Get Smaller Clothes!

Dave in his size 42 pants and his XL jacket!!

Kathleen in her new clothes!

I am sooo excited. My sister runs a clothing store in Filmore. She just brought me 2 garbage bags of clothes, all in size Large, XL, 18- 20. I was so nervous when I saw the sizes. I was sure they would be too small. I had been wearing 22-26 sizes. Do you know all but 1 pair of jeans and two shirts fit me perfect! Even the Large size fits! I feel like I can walk on air now.

I was getting soo discouraged, because I have not lost anything for the last two weeks on the scale I knew I had lost inches though! The jeans are lands end size 18 and they fit everywhere but the zipper.  My belly fat just wouldn't let me close them. Maybe if I laid on the bed and tried I could have but I did not want to get them stuck on me and not be able to get out of them. I just am going to hang them up next to moms dress as an immediate goal. It will not take me long to fit into those. I know it is not about the weight, or the size but it does get discouraging when you go two weeks with no change in numbers.  I do notice a difference in how my body is looking though. I am loosing my stomach.   I am so happy! I can pass on my bigger clothes to someone else that needs them...because I certainly don't want to fit back into them. Thank you Lord for the gift of clothes. It was just what I needed!

I must tell you Dave can now fit into a 42 waist (his 46 waist were getting tight on him) He looks hot!!! He also can fit into XL not XXL She bought him a bag of clothes too! We feel like it is Christmas! I am so thankful I have a family that loves us, supports us, and helps us in any way they can. It is so much easier doing this with others around you to encourage you.

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