Thursday, October 14, 2010

Want to see what we eat in a day???

Meals at the Jeffers House
I just thought you would like to see some meals that we would eat in a normal day.  These are three of my favorite things.  My oatmeal in the morning really fills me. Aldies has frozen mixed berries that are awesome. (don't get the strawberries they are horrible!!!)  I add a hard boiled egg and skim milk and I have a protein a fat and a carb!!
Breakfast- Oatmeal with Berries and a boiled egg with skim milk!
Lunch- wheat pasta with ground turkey and sauce and apples!!

This lunch is one of Dave's favorites.  It is whole wheat noodles, with sauce, ground turkey and peppers and onions. I usually get my noodles, meat, sauce and vegies at Aldies.  When I used to make pasta I would use three jars of sauce, 3 pounds of  noodles and a whole package of meat.  We used to pile our plates full of pasta and add corn and garlic bread (1-2 loafs)  JUST FOR OUR FAMILY OF FIVE!!!!  We now use 1 jar of sauce. I cook up my ground turkey with peppers and onions and put half of it in freezer for next time.  We also only use one box of noodles.  We measure everything out...and we usually have extra for the next day.  (this was actually left over from past meal!)  I did not show it but we usually add a salad with low fat vinaigrette dressing. Then I added apples to lunch!

Dinner- Wheat pizza with feta cheese, chicken, hotsauce and tomatoes with squash!

This dinner is Becca's favorite.  She loves hot stuff.  I adapted Fawns chicken pizza to make it Buffalo chicken.   I buy the ready made wheat crust from Walmart (comes 2 per pack with sauce)  I put the sauce on then add Feta cheese, put grilled chicken and celery and hot sauce on.  It is sooo awesome.  Everyone loves it!!!  It has everything it needs too. Carb, fat, and protein.  This time I added squash- because I just got it and was excited about making it.  My family who never would eat squash before now loves it!

It is neat to see how their tastes are changing.  Meals are now a time of sharing with each other. We love to sit down and talk about the day with our kids. This is new. We had gotten so busy we just would all grab food when we came in and eat in front of the television. We no longer do that. Meals are not a time of growing closer to my family.

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