Monday, October 11, 2010

SpringCreek Athletic Club has changed our life.

Gary at SpringCreek Athletic Club has tailored a work out program for Kathleen and I that helps us lose weight and get into shape. We are really seeing the results of all our hard work now. We look better and are getting stronger. We actually miss our work outs when we're out of town. Check the videos below to see what our work out program is like. If your in the Springville, NY area you should join Today. Check our links on the right side of the page to go ans see their wonderful facilities.
   Do yourself a favor, take all that money your spending on junk food and eating out and get yourself a membership at a gym. It will change your life... Your body was made to exercise, it needs to be pushed. No matter what weight you are right now go find a gym and a trainer and start your new life today. You know your tired of being fat and out of shape, so change it while the idea is still fresh in your mind. Shut off that TV, drop that jelly roll and start your journey to weight loss.


  1. Wow,Great job Dave - way to go!!! You should be proud of yourself. I can't wait to be in your shoes. You truly motivate!

  2. So...Is that a tricep I see?! LOL!!! GREATTT!!!!!! : ) Fawn