Monday, December 13, 2010

We did something we said we would never do.....we got a dog!

We Did Something We Said we Would Never do, We Got a Dog!
From the time the kids were little I always said... "No Dogs!".  I told them the only dog I would ever have is a rust colored cocker spaniel, thinking that would never happen.  Well...this week on Freecycle they had an add for a dog.  Once I saw the picture...I could not resist!  He was so cute and had the biggest puppy dog eyes you have ever seen.  We contacted the owner and were able to get him, all the toys, leash, dishes, food, everything for free.  I must say he is the best tempered, cutest dog that I have every had the privilege of knowing. Carson has added joy to our life, and everyone has enjoyed him.  I got up at 5 to take him for a walk and go down to the duck pond and pray...and it was pitch dark!! Will have to wait on that one. But He loves walks, so I know he will help encourage me to exercise even more.  I now own a dog! YES!  I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


  1. We had a cocker spaniel in Honduras for awhile--he was black. Found him a new home when we came back to the States. We've LOVED our dogs. I know the girls will really enjoy him, but something tells me he will become Kathleen's special friend. Love you all and enjoy the new member of your family.

  2. Aww! He's SO adorable! and I'm sure he'll be a great work out buddy for walking at least =)

  3. He's adorable I had a cocker spaniel throughout my teens to early adult. He was my best friend at that time period. You know what you said and then it was laid upon you. I know it was a work of God. Special friend as mary said. I think he will be there to help with your broken heart. Love you.