Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Brandon Is joining us in our weight loss journey

Brandon is Joining us on Our Weight Loss Journey!
This is a year of change!  Brandon has decided that since he changed his major, he will be coming home and going to a state school.  That way he can recieve state aid and everything.  Well, that means the whole dynamic of our house will be changing again.  Yesturday he came to the gym with us...did Dave's work out..and he will be following us in or weight loss journey!  I am excited for him.  I am also thankful that when we walked in, one of his friends from high school was there working out.  It made it even more fun!  We will see how things go
Starting weight for Brandon: 285
% of fat.....42%
He is in better shape then Dave was when he started at the gym 3 months ago!  I am excited for him.  Please pray that he will get a job that he loves and will be able to get into school here to.  God has a reason for everything.  I was so nervous about him getting so into debt with college (he would have owed $90,000 when he got out of school)..but he wanted to go to the best one he could find for his major.  It was a good learning time for him in Pittsburgh. He learned how to live without money, how to cook, do laundry and make it on his own.  I can't wait to see what God has in store for him.


  1. Yeah!!! Oh my gosh. See it working! Also to have your son home! Praise God. I know your hearts aren't hurting anymore. carolyn

  2. What a surprise! I know this will be a challenge for Brandon, but you and David are already showing it can be done. It will be fun to follow his journey as well--he is such a GREAT KID!! I love you all.

  3. well, well, well. Brandon is working with you now. GREAT. keep doing your laundry! Do not mix the whites with the colored {Mom did not like the change of her whites!} Uncle Larry