Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scales lie - Don't believe a word they say!!!!

Scales Lie. Don't believe a Word they Say!
Today was weigh in day.  We were so disappointed!  The scale said Dave gained 5 pounds, and that all I lost was half a pound.  We were so discouraged...We almost did not go to the gym today.  We had upped our cardio, and were thinking we did well. We were totally bummed.  Gary, the owner of our gym we go to, was not in when we got there.  We were leaving that gym with a weight gain for the first time since August. 

As we were getting our coats on to leave, Gary came in.  I looked at Dave and said, "Do you want him to go over our weights?". He looks down and says, "I don't care!".  Every weigh in day Gary goes over all of our stats, and explains how we are doing.  This time he looked and said, "WOW, Did you guys change your diet this week?"  We were thinking it was because we did so bad but it wasn't. He explained this is a perfect example of how the scales lie. He looked at Dave's first. See the scale said Dave gained 5 pounds.  What it did not say is that Dave gained 6 pounds of muscle and lost one pound of fat.  That is positive weight change of 7 pounds.  Dave also went from 36.3%  of total body fat from when he started to 32.5%.  He said it was an awesome week.   Then it was my turn...All week everything I tried on was to big on me...my pj's  bottoms are literally falling off me.  I was very disappointed when I had only lost 1/2 a pound.  He got a big smile on his face when he looked at mine. He said you did amazing.  This is an even better example of how the scale doesn't show you what is really going on.  I gained 4 pounds of muscle and lost 6 1/2 pounds of fat.  My % of body fat went from 55.7% when I started, to 46.8% now!  He explained I had a positive weight change of over 10 pounds...which he says is unbelievable in one week!

I was so glad Gary came in when he did...that was a God thing.  If he would not have came in when he did, we would have walked out of the gym feeling like total failures.  BUT we know it is not what the scale says, it is how our whole body mass has changed.
If you are not loosing as quickly as you think you should, remember this story.  If you are exercising and following the plan the way you are supposed to, I can guarantee you your body is changing for the better.  Don't give up.  If we did not have the high tech machine that shows our total water weight, muscle weight and bone density, we would have never realized this!  Please realize that your doing the right thing.  Just keep it up.  If Dave and I can do it...so can you!


  1. I know that I don't listen to a thing that those scales say to me... NOT A THING!!! Paul

  2. I know what the pictures tell me. You guys are hot!! (and getting hotter) :-)

  3. Well, I am proud of you both. I do not understand all that the trainer said, but it was very positive. keep up the good work. larry