Saturday, December 25, 2010

No Cookies for Santa this year!!!

No Cookies For Santa This Year!

This year is different than any other year, as far as food goes.  We usually have cookies and candy all over the house. We usually wake up to sweet rolls covered in yummy frosting.  We usually have ham covered in brown sugar and pineapple, with mash potatoes, gravy, candy, cookies, pies and more food then you can ever imagine. This year we are eating healthy.  We are still having ham...but a small ham (small portions) and sweet potatoes, salad, beans, and butternut squash.  The Jello is made with sugar free Jello and fat free cool whip and low fat cottage cheese.  That and rice pudding (fat free cool whip and sugar free pudding and brown rice) will be our deserts! Santa is getting a different treat this year...Carrots, a hard boiled egg and nuts. this is the note my kids wrote to Santa:

This is what Becca wrote!
The problem was Santa...The kids always put out cookies and milk for Santa...When Dave suggested it, they looked at each other and smiled and ran out to the kitchen.  They came back with a plate of 2 carrots, an egg and flax seed!  and wrote the above notes!  They had so much fun.
Once they went to bed "Santa" wrote the following note "Santa does not eat carrots and eggs! I found your secret stash of cookies...next year make some chocolate chip.. not those flax seed ones.  Santa.  PS. I am not fat I am just big boned!"
This is the answer the kids got the next morning!!!!

I think it is awesome that we have changed so much that the kids would think of something like this...instead of complaining that we made no cookies they made it fun!


  1. that is too funny!!! the least Santa could have done was give his reindeer the carrots!! Love to you all.

  2. This was GREAT Kathleen! You guys are so creative and great, great fun. Here's looking to lots of new adventures in 2011. It will be great to see where your journey leads.

  3. change is happening all over - some more started in our house today - can't believe it we were running short on time and the kids were hungary not prepared for the traffic etc - I had my extra snacks for me but nothing for them. Which I will change. We were gonna pick them up wendys but there was a subway accross the road and my oldest asked for subway - we surveyed the younger one and he said sub. Off we were to a healthier dinner for them! Starts inwards with our families and friends then outward to the world!!!! Yeah!

  4. This made me smile....love you both!