Friday, December 17, 2010

To gain is to lose...

  To Gain is to Lose..by Dave

This was a tough week for me personally. I felt sick most of it, just not myself at all. I could feel that I gained weight, I just knew it. Sure enough weigh in day came at the gym and I was up 5 pounds. I was really discouraged and really did not feel like working out, but I did. We finished our workout just as Gary, the owner of the gym came in. He could tell we were not happy at all.
He looked at our read-outs.  We had weighed ourselves on a special machine that can tell you just about everything that's going on in your body. He looked at the numbers and compared them to last week and smiled! He said, "Remember, when I told you that the scale lies sometimes? You gained 7 pounds of muscle and lost one pound of fat. This is a tremendous change for the good."  He asked what I was doing different. It turned out to be a combination of extra cardio and weight lifting at home coupled with FINALLY the proper amount of hydration. This really turned everything on for me!  Kathleen also had a 10 pound change all for the good!

   So, stay off the scale and get working out and eating properly! The scale is not your friend. In fact a common home scale is no help at all. It flat out lies to you. You need to know what kind of weight loss or gain your experiencing. You need the percentage of muscle to fat weight as well as other information or your really in the dark. Get to a gym that has a accurate way to measure your results. For about 30-40 per month you can see real results in a short amount of time as long as your eating right.

 Well fellow fat haters, that's it for now. See you on the skinny side of life.


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