Monday, November 1, 2010

Some good some bad

Dave's View on All this
I seem to have stopped losing weight for now. I'm at 288 and want to be at 240 or so. I have lost some inches. I'm down to a size 42 waist, I was wearing a 48 and sometimes a 50 depending on the style. I went through a tough week.  It seemed all my hunger attacked me from nowhere. I was starving and felt hollow inside as if I had not had a thing to eat all day. I have been much better lately however, thank God!

 Exercise is going very well, I can even see muscle where fat use to be. We work out 4 times a week with a combination of weights and cardio. I've just increased my cardio to every other day and twenty minutes on the days I go to the gym. Cardio bores me to tears but I make myself do it in the hopes it will kick start my weight loss again.

I splurged a little for Halloween and had 2 starburst. That's been the only candy I've had since this whole lifestyle change has started. All in all I feel good. I'm frustrated at my weight loss slow down but I know it will start again soon if I just stick to the workout routine. It's tough remaining steady when the weight stops coming off as fast as it was. It's a exercise in patience.



  1. Your physique is changing David. Everytime we're with you, there is a noticable change. Be encouraged.

  2. Yeah Dave! And make sure you are eating balanced, and staying super duper healthy and you know what?! It will happen!!! Keep it up!! I know you can and will do it...it's more than a number...you wanna change?! Cardio it up! And remember its gonna come off slower than it was : )
    Lots and lots of love!