Wednesday, November 3, 2010

AH HA I out lasted the fat maker!

   I've been frustrated as of late due to my lack of weight loss... I've kept the faith brother. Ive worked out every other day and even added a 20 minute cardio segment to my work out, " this was Fawn Woodfin's idea, my life style coach". Add cardio, she kept preachin! Cardio bores me to tears, I'm crying as we speak at just the mention of it. At the gym this means the stationary bike. Twenty minutes of peddling my butt off with out moving a single inch. It just does not make any sense to me but I did it anyway. 
   Low and behold, I've been in a pretty bad this week because I was sure that I did not lose even a single ounce. I've been hovering between 289 and 291. Well, the moment of truth came today. It was time for our weekly weigh in on a machine that measures weight loss (it can even tell what kind of weight loss, you know was it water I lost or actual fat). It can even tell how much muscle I've put on. The object is to lose fat and gain muscle weight. This is why at times I don't lose a whole lot of weight, as long as the fat is being replaced with muscle it's a win - win situation for me.  What this machine is, is a computer that's able to determine your body mass.
   So, I hop on this machine, knowing that my body has been telling me all week, "you ain't lost a pound, fat boy". My body can be very rude at times! My wife Kathleen gets this big grin on her face and says, " your down to 286 and you've gained 4 pounds of muscle, your today body fat is 36% - down from 39 the week before! My body has been lying to me all week long, Bad body,Bad!
   So what's the lesson here, don't live by your feelings. Keep on working your exercise and good eating routines. Your body may fight you tooth and nail but eventually it will relent to your will. You see, YOU are in charge of your body and not the other way around. The reason we become fat is that we listen to our body and fill it's every desire ... what's that body, eat an entire carton of ice cream just before bed time - NO PROBLEM., OOOOH and don't forget to wash it down with a diet coke, after all we're trying to lose weight here.
   Let me break it to you gently here folks... your fat because your body is pushing you around! QUIT doing whatever it says. Tell your body NO! At first it will laugh at you and say, "OH your on another I'm gonna lose weight this time kick" DIET is a dirty word, SLAP yourself if that's what your calling trying to follow us on this blog and lose weight. Diets are temporary by definition, that's why they don't work. Your mind simply tells your body...Hang in there old friend, we'll make up for lost time when fatso here goes off the DIET. 
   We're on a lifestyle journey not a DIET journey. Some of you are fooling yourselves. Your still going out to eat all the time and ordering things that will destroy any chance you have of losing weight. Get SERIOUS, drop that donut, ice cream, or whatever else your eating, knowing that what your doing is damaging your body...and to top it off your paying top dollar to do it. It's like going in front of a firing squad and supplying them with the bullets!
   I'm going to help you get motivated here. Go to the mirror, check out that fat face and quadruple chin, it's a wonder you don't trip over it! Pull up your shirt and check out you fat saggy body... TRY THIS take all your clothes off and stand in front of the mirror, what do you see? Be honest, brutally honest! It's a disgusting sight ain't it? Now do whatever you have to, get mad really mad, cry if you have to - do what ever it takes to see it like it is... None of this, I know people who are fatter than me crap either, I use to do this all the time.
   Now, here's the real test as to your ability to lose weight or not. What did you tell yourself as you checked yourself out in the mirror? Did you give yourself a thousand excuses to let yourself off the hook or are you sick of looking like that? Tell yourself the truth here..... You will never be successful if your o.k with the way you look if your fat. plump, big boned or whatever watered down term your using to avoid the truth....YOU ARE FAT!!!!!
   Say it, your fat... Once you say it and feel the pain, your ready to go on a weight loss journey. Until then your just fooling yourself. I use to pretend all the time. I never went swimming,even in my own pool because I hated the way I looked. I worked up a sweat just putting my shoes every morning...this was a wake up call for me by the way! I almost blacked out once because bending over my FAT stomach was a major problem! I can bend over now with ease and tie my shoes, in fact i don't even give it a second thought now.
   NOW people are we ready to really lose weight, take control of our bodies, quit lying to ourselves or not? Quit reading this blog and returning to your FAT ways. Come on now, you know that you can do it. You want to be around for your loved ones or not? You want to have a life or not? It's up to you... So, get up and go to the mirror and tell your body this, Take a long last look body because you work for me now...prepare for a journey. Oh, and by the way I'll be making all the decisions on this trip! When your body laughs, and it will - tell it to SHUT UP!!!

I'll see you on the skinny side of life,  Dave


  1. glad you listen to your cardio coach ; ) And you have successfully learned how to rearrange your mindset ; ) Way to go Dave!

  2. Wow David! Read the whole thing aloud to Larry (with lOTS of emphasis I might add!) That would make a great sermon. Might need to take out the word "crap" though :-) Very, very, very proud. Enjoy your vacation!