Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's Thanksgiving (O.K to cheat Day) ... Right?

                                            Dave's view on Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving (O.K to cheat Day) ... Right?
the answer is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It's time to show yourself that Thanksgiving is all about the fellowship, not the food. I'll bet some of you are dreading this Holiday because deep down you know how people like us use to anticipate all the goodies we could devour. Lets be honest we would eat until it came out our ears. We'd literally make ourselves sick and some how we thought it was our fat person duty to show those wimps how to really eat at Thanksgiving time.
 AAAAH the sweet memories of my over eating  past. I remember the sick headaches, stomach aches, inability to move. As I laid in bed that evening reveling in the aftermath of my thanksgiving day, I'd think to myself, "only one more year until I can do it all again!"  It didn't matter that I felt like I was going to die. I was up most of the night running to the bathroom trying to survive all that I had stuffed into my body. I did my duty!

 It's a wonder any of us survived Thanksgiving Day. It took us a week to regain our health after that one day. Well, we're not like that anymore, right? Drop that cherry pie, pass the butter laden mashed potatoes. When your tempted to eat that stuff, remember who you are now. You are a thin ,healthy person in training. This Thanksgiving your going to eat right and leave the table full but energized with because you are the one eating right.

   Beware of  "FRIENDS" that want to topple your eating right life style. They would love to see you eat like a pig and prove them right. "I told you, you wouldn't stick to it! This new lifestyle was just another faze you were going through. Your still just a fat person that will never change." So, stay strong when they smile and say, " ah, go ahead it's Thanksgiving Day live a little". You just smile back and say, "No thanks, I've had plenty to eat, haven't you?" Prove your friends and family wrong, show them that your not the same person anymore. This will be the best Thanksgiving you've ever had. Have a great and healthy Thanksgiving,

See you on the skinny side of life


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  1. You did great David! Especially with all those desserts sitting out. VERY proud of you.