Tuesday, November 23, 2010

You can make smart choices this Thanksgiving - A joyful but sad time!!!

                            Thanksgiving with Family at the Burke House
This Thanksgiving  is going to be different then any other...My whole family (except Ken) will be heading back to New York to spend Thanksgiving Day together at mom's house.  This will probably be our last big gathering...we are putting the house up for sale after thanksgiving.  I am soo looking forward to seeing all my brothers and sisters...but it will be such a hard time without mom.  The last time we were together was with mom, and at her funeral.  I pulled up to the house yesterday evening and saw the lights on...my first thought was "Good mom is still up..." Then it hit me...she is up but not where I can see her.  It is those little things that just catch at your heart and make it want to cry out!  You think that you can not live without someone, and than two months have gone by and life is still going on.  I miss her so much sometimes.  Tonight I found the video of our wedding.  We laughed and cried as we looked at the pictures of the people and realized that so many of those people have gone on to be with the Lord.  I will be bringing this video over for us to watch at mom's house.
Will I stay strong...I have to.  Tomorrow night is pizza and wings.  I will bring my wheat crust pizza and make my buffalo chicken pizza which I am sure they will love much more than the greasy pizza!  Thanksgiving meal I am in charge of the sweet potatoes, the squash and the vegi tray.  This way I know there will be things that I can eat.  I do believe I am at a point in our life that if I want to have a piece of my son's apple pie...I can. I only need a small one...but I will be eating it non the less.  I think it is all in making smart choices.  I was cleaning out today and I found a menu I had planned for a trip to the cabin over the summer....sweet rolls, pancakes, grilled cheese, pizza and chips...I say wow...our whole eating has changed.  Tonight when my sister and family came up we had tacos...lean ground beef drained, salsa, lots of vegies, fat free sour cream...and whole wheat baked tortilla chips and wheat soft taco shells.   It was awesome.  Normally I would have eaten 2-4 tacos...tonight one and a salad filled me right up.  It is not in what you can't eat...it is what you choose to eat that will be healthy for you!  Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  1. Kathleen! Thanksgiving is bittersweet for me too! I miss my granny all year but especially around Holidays! Then I have to remind myself for those of us who have a relationship with the Lord, its not goodbye, but see you later! Still miss her but I at least have a peace that I will see her again! I am so happy for your HUGE family Thanksgiving! Have a great time my kindred spirit! and yummy tacos! my fav! love ya

  2. I love yall too and wish i was there!!

  3. Have a great thanksgiving! The first thanksgiving after my grandparents passed my individual family went around and talked about favorite memories with them. It warmed your heart a little at the same time as being sad. I will be praying for you guys during thanksgiving - with love