Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We are Back!!! Wait till you hear about our trip to Disney..the girls had to tell us to slow down!!!

We are Back... and ready for anything!

I will tell you...we loved being on vacation, but almost two weeks without access to a computer has been brutal.  I missed writing on here so bad!  It has become a way to voice my feelings to the world!! I love it!  Well...we did it...we went on a 10 day trip and stayed on track just about the whole time.  Who else can go to Florida and say they only ate out two times the whole week.  Once to Subway and once at Pirates Dinner we took the kids too (that one was not good...to greasy...even though it was supposed to be rotisserie chicken with vegies) We packed a cooler and a plastic tote of food and followed our meal plan the whole way.  We became experts at fixing sandwiches in the car...and eating on the road. We did it.   I have not stepped on the scale yet but I know I have lost something...we were busy.
There are times in your life that you will always remember, and think back "Wow, that was amazing...." this vacation was one of those times! From start to finish it was one of the most amazing times in our families lives.  We started out in Virginia visiting dear friends from our church in East Aurora... Becca's best friend.  We had such a fun time.  The kids just had a ball!!! They did not get much sleep...but that is ok! They slept the 12 drive to Florida...then we got to our Villa...After taxes last year we had paid for the use of my sister Faith's time share...I am so glad we did...It was amazing...nine pools, miniature golf, tennis. 6 work out rooms...huge slide....anything you could imagine.
We went to Disney on Tuesday..(We had done Disney give a day, get a day and got free tickets!)  My kids had to tell Dave and I to slow down!!! It was so funny!  We were enjoying the park, walking every where...and they kept saying..."Wait up....cant we take a rest...slow down!"  It was awesome.   We had a ball.  Five years ago when we went Dave had to go some where and take a nap...while we went on rides, not this time!  We went on everything...and I must say we fit on everything with room to spare!  We totally enjoyed our day.  Last time we went we were so tired we left before the fire works...not his time!  We stayed and walked around until almost everyone was gone...we were one of the last ones to leave...it truly was a magical day!!! We felt like we could accomplish anything that day! We were amazed that we were able to keep up like we did.  We also carried two back packs with us the whole time...one for drinks and one for lunch and dinner!  I was so proud that we were able to go there and not spend any money...and a great time!!!


  1. Amazing!! I wish to do that someday. My husband and kids will hopefully be ok with taking your own food. If we went now they would be "begging".

  2. Glad you had a great time at Disney! You are doing great! I'm wandering what is would be like having my husband do the journey with me...SO glad you have him to confide in and be support for each other! Keep on! You have proven to be strong and you have been brave. Your mom is so proud of you! love you!