Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our Disney 281 vacation!

Dave's View of Our Vacation!
We had a fantastic time at Disney World in Florida. We were worried about gaining weight while on this trip. We brought enough of our own food to feed us and our two girls on the long drive, 24 HOURS and for the hotel stay. We did not eat out the entire time we were there, 8 days in all! We simply brought our health eating lifestyle right to Florida with us.
We had a great time at Disney. We carried a back pack with snacks for the day. I remember the last time we went to Disney almost 10 years ago. I was so out of shape that I had to keep finding a shady place to sit down and catch my breath. This time I zoomed all around Disney with my kids desperately trying to keep up with us, They kept asking us to slow down and wait for them.
     On one of my earlier post I talked about how mortified I was when I was unable to ride with my kids because I was too fat to fit in the seat. Not this time fellow fat fighters, this boy fit just fine on any ride we wanted to go on. I can't express in words how good this felt, I could even fasten the seat belts with out getting back up to search for them under my larded big butt. It's been a really LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG time since that has happened to me. I could even see extra room next to me in the seat because I no longer take the whole thing up.    I still need to loose another 50 pounds to reach my goal. I can't wait to see how I feel then. I'll probably be too skinny to ride some of the rides because the seat belts wont be able to adjust that small. Being fat is like being in prison. No I take that back, it's much worse. You can get out of prison but you can't escape your fat. Fat must be dealt with or it's a life sentence with no parole, EVER!
   Once we came home from Florida we wanted to see what our weight was....did we gain even though we brought our own food and exercised when we had time? I weighed in at 284 when we left, I weighted 281 when we returned home!!!!!!!! Not to shabby considering all the temptations to eat out and spoil ourselves. We stuck to our guns and lost weight. So, you see it can be done this lifestyle travels with you. Be encouraged my friends, FAT is a detestable foe. You can take charge and lose weight no matter what happens in you life. In our journey together we've experienced; sickness, hunger, long trips, sorrow, and even death with out gaining one single pound. If we can do it so can you, Remember I use to weight 380 big fat ugly pounds.
     I use to eat myself into a stupor. I hated myself and everything about my life. Now I exercise every day east right and feel fantastic. My life has changed completely. Here's the best part, it's not that hard folks. I use to think that I would have to starve myself to death to lose all this fat. I have not been hungry or suffered any of the things I imagined for myself. I used any excuse I could think of to hold onto my fat even though it was killing me.
     So, fellow fat fighters, are you ready to get off  DEATH ROW or would you rather wallow away in fat forever? Stick with the plan folks and get your freedom! Those of you on the outside looking in...you know you want to be free so what are you waiting for? Come on the journey with us, the journey to freedom!

See you on the skinny side of life ~ Dave

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  1. So true! I love the fact that you stayed strong on vacation! Yall are doing so great! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!