Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time to fill those cupboards again! This time with healthy food!

Time To Fill Those Cupboards With Healthy Food!

I could not go even one day with those empty cupboards.  The girls offered to go shopping with me.  Off we went to Aldies and then Wal-Mart. We had printed off our grocery list, and we were ready to go.  The problem was money.  Dave had lost his job this summer and things were very tight for us right now.  I told the girls lets plan just enough meals for the week and we will get more later.  I was amazed at all I could get for under $80.00.  Aldies had the fit and active food so we were able to get our noodles, rice, and fruits and vegies there.  All we needed to get from Wal-Mart was wheat pita bread and wraps!  I felt like I climbed my first mountain that day.  I had cleansed my house of all the bad and filled it with good.  I was ready for anything!  Weight loss here we come!!!! 

Our starting weights with Fawn are:

Dave:  330
Kathleen 260
We both want to loose at least 100 pounds.

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