Sunday, August 29, 2010

My family is going on the journey with us....Yeah!!!!

My Family is Going on the Journey With US...YEAH!

I am so glad my family is willing to do this with Dave and I.  Our three children could be resentful that we no longer have "any good food" in the house.  They are not. They are very excited about our "Life change". Becca has been our biggest cheerleader.  She helps us with the videos, and has been our cook for the last few days.  We have been so busy that we have not had time to sit down and make meals.  Becca has made the meals, measured everything out onto our plates, and served us. She made brown rice in the rice maker, grilled chicken on the George Forman grill, and lots of vegies fried in a pan with butter flavored cooking spray.  No fat...but boy was it tasty!  Everyone loved it.

I think the biggest plus of this whole "Life change" is we are back to eating meals as a family again. It is so easy to just fix things quick and have everyone grab a plate and just go in the living room and eat as we watch a movie. Not any more. TV is off at our house and we eat all together. I love hearing how my kids days went.  What is going on in their lives. That was worth more to me then the weight loss.  My 19 year old son now looks for meal times, (maybe because there is nothing in the house to snack on!!) and enjoys spending time with his family.  I would have missed that if we did not start this.  Brandon is leaving for college in October- spending time with him now is more wonderful then anything else.  Our lifestyle really is changing...for the better!

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