Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OK New problem...we are going to visit family for two days...can we do it there?

Can We Leave Home and Stay on Track?

My brother has been working for months on his Vacation Bible School.  When Dave worked at the church, VBS was my baby.  Dave and I would spend hours working on it. I think that was the thing that I missed the most when they had to let them go. (the church did not have enough people or money to support a children's director.)  We have been giving them ideas and were a part of their VBS.  We decided we would go down over night and see thier closing service.  I was so worried about food.  I packed my little lunch box and off we drove the three hours to get there.  We did great! 

Marcy had a meal off our meal plan waiting for us when we got there.  I made eggs according to plan for breakfast...all was well.  Until we were invited to a church picnic!  I was so scared about going.  We stopped at store and I picked up some flat bread and brought left over chicken...just in case they did not have anything we could eat!  It was a senior lunch so Dave and I were the only ones under 55!  Boy do they know how to make a meal. They had everything you could imagine!  It all looked so good.  At first I wanted to try everything.  I didn't, but I wanted to.  They also had many good food choices.  Would I have picked them a month ago...no way. I would have loaded up on all the potatoe salads, cookies and deserts.  Dave and I were perfectly content with our plate of hamburgers on flat bread, fruite salad and a lettace salad.  When it came time for desert, I got busy helping them clean up and did the dishes. This way I would not be tempted to eat any of it.  Later on the way home when we were talking about the trip, Dave said there was only one thing he was tempted to cheat with. At the church they a package of gummy worms on the counter. (those are his favorite!)  He said he almost took a couple, but he did not.

What did we learn from this.  If you plan ahead and work together you can resist any situation. There are usually healthy choices at any potluck now days. It is just a matter of saying no to the things you should not have and saying yes to the things you can have.  All it takes is will power and alternate choices.  If we can do it, so can you!!!

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