Sunday, August 29, 2010

One week down!!! Our life has changed already!!!

One Week Down! Our Life Has Changed Already!

I can not believe that one whole week has gone by since we started.  I was scared to get on the scale this morning, but excited too.  What if I gained after all that I had done!  They always say muscle weighs more than fat.  Boy, would that be a disappointment!  Dave and I both took turns on the scale.  As I stepped on the scale I felt like one of those people on Biggest Looser.  I was so nervous!  I lost 6 pounds!  I was so happy.  Dave lost 12 pounds!  Wow!  He was in the teens for the first time in probably ten years. I cried for him I was so happy!  I was glad of my weight loss and that I had finally broke the 260 mark but it was Dave that I was thrilled for!  We are a team.  He has now, since the start of his weight loss, lost 61 pounds!  That is huge!  I thank you God for being there every step of the way. I thank Him for sending someone like Fawn to help us.  I thank Him for all the people who have been there to support us along the way.  We can not do it without your help.  Please continue to follow us and to encourage us.  It means everything to us.


Effects of change in food:
* I seem to be hyper all of the time.  Almost like when I was on a high dose of prednisone.  I am not sure what is causing it.
*Dave is getting headaches and unable to sleep well. Fawn will be reevaluating his food to make sure he is getting enough.
* I am very sore from exercise!  I have starting taking more pain pills.  I am worried about my back and neck.

Good things that happened:
* We cleaned out our house of all the bad foods and replaced it with good.
*Since that first day I have not had any Splenda- and certainly no chocolate!  I am not having any withdrawal symptoms.  This is huge!  In the past I would have shaking, crying jags and be  lightheaded!
* Dave has had no diet pop at all!!
*We have been able to stick to food plan easily and everyone in the family loves the food!
*Our family is eating meals together and talking and sharing like we have not done in a long time.
*We got calls for shows that gave us money to replace the groceries.  They called on Thursday and   Friday for Sunday.  That does not normally happen.  God is blessing us for making the right choices.
* Dave and I are taking walks and spending time sharing our hearts with each other.  We are becoming a team working together!  It is awesome!

Dave Start weight 380
Start weight with Fawn- 330
Weight at end of week one- 319
Total weight loss- 61 pounds
Total weight loss for week - 11 pounds
Total weight loss with "Life style change" - 11 pounds

Kathleen  Start weight -270
Start weight with Fawn-260
Weight at end of week one-254
Total weight loss- 16 pounds
Total weight loss for week - 6 pounds
Total weight loss with "Life style change" -6 pounds

Total weight loss of Dave and Kathleen 77 pounds
Total weight loss with "Life style change" - 17 pounds

Thanks for following us!!!  We could not do it without your love and support!

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  1. I am soooo happy for both of you!!! This is so encouraging! I am going to start making these changes as well! I've been wanting to implement a 'life style change' in my life for some time now; but, never really knew what to do or felt motivated enough to do so. Now I do!!!!!

    Great job, Dave and Kathleen!!!!