Sunday, August 29, 2010

Could we make it without fast food!

Could We Make It Without Fast Food?

This is the start of a new week. It is a scary week.  Dave and I have a very busy schedule. We have 6 shows a day every day this week Sunday through Thursday.  In the past we have always ate out.  When Fawn asked how many times a week we ate out, we laughingly said, "you mean how many times a day!"  When we get busy it is so easy to just go through the drive through and grab food.  We do not spend a lot.  If it is just Dave and I we usually just get a hamburger and small fries off the dollar menu and something to drink.  The problem was we were doing it all day long.  We would go for breakfast and grab a sausage McMuffin, at lunch a hamburger, and when we were done with shows...another.  I was scared for this week. Fawn said absolutely no eating out!  I did not see how that was possible.  We came up with a plan.  The night before I would plan what we were having for the day.  I would get up and pack a lunch cooler and off we would go.  This is what I packed the first day:  Wheat pita bread, lean turkey tomatoes and onions cut up in baggies, two good apples, almonds, and lots of water.  We got up and ate breakfast together, before the shows. We had eggs with peppers and onions cut up.

After first two shows I gave Dave some almonds and an apple. I laughed as he made a face when he tried them. He was not impressed.  But after a few minutes he said, "they may not taste good, but it worked. It gave me energy!"  Off we went to next two shows.  We had energy and did great!  At lunch time we pulled out the lunch.  We found a playground with a picnic bench and had a picnic.  We joked about how we used to do this when we were dating.  We loved the sandwich.  It really tasted good!  We laughed and talked like we have not  done in years.  After the last two shows we were hungry!  We were very tempted to go to McDonalds...but we were good.  We ate our snacks of boiled eggs and wheat bagel and the hunger went away. It was weird to eat a boiled egg in the car... but it gave us something to laugh about! As we drove home we felt like we had accomplished something huge.  Never in our married life had we even thought of doing that!  We did it and felt good for it.  Becca had super waiting for us when we got home... I was so happy!  I felt like we had climbed a second mountain....and did it well.

As the week went on, we looked forward to our times together.  Our picnics during the day.  Our talking in the car.  Something magical is happening....Dave and I are falling more and more in love!
The Journey to Transformation was happening!

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