Sunday, August 29, 2010

There is exercise...and then there is exercise!!!

There Is Exercise, and There Is Exercise!

I had exercises reluctantly every day since we started. That was not enjoyable at all. Dave seemed to thrive on it, doing it every day faithfully.  For me it was a chore that needed to be done, that I hated doing.  I know exercise was the key to Dave's weight loss.  He lost 50 pounds without changing his diet at all.  All he did was exercise every day!  I did not share this love and knew I had to change my attitude and the way I did things or this would not work for me.  I enjoyed swimming...but even that was getting to be a chore.  I could not just go to the pool and swim...I had to do 100 laps.  As I walked to the track I prayed about it.  I decided to try it Fawns way.  Her plan says to go one minute fast and one minute regular and to continue that for 30 min. She called it "Intervals".  I was the only one on the track and I decided to try it.  It was hard...but invigorating. It took me 30 min to do 2 miles. (eight times around the track)  I enjoyed it!  It was a challenge to speed up and go slow.  The next day I tried it in the pool. My Rachael looked at me and said, "You were fast there!"  That night I got on the bike as Dave exercised and tried it there.  It was fun!  Dave had to tell me to slow down at one point because I was moving so fast he was afraid I would hurt my neck!  I wrote down time and distance for each of the ways I exercise.  Now I have a goal.  I need to improve my times and go faster and faster.  I realized I am a person that needs challenges. To me doing the same thing over and over is so boring.  Dave thrives on routine. He has also incorporated the speed up and slow down in his workout too, and he is pushing himself to do more than he thought possible.   That is why he is doing so well.  I am so glad that God made us so different!  We compliment each other.  I now look forward to exercise.  I can't wait to see if I can "Beat the Clock" !  It is all about finding something that works for you and doing it.  Whether it is the same thing over and over  or a daily challenge,  you can do it. All it takes is putting those sneakers on and taking the first step.  Once you do, I will worn you, it becomes addicting!

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