Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh no....I was invited to lunch. Fawn....HELP!!!!

Oh No...I Was Invited To Lunch. Fawn....HELP!

My brother was going back Tennessee.  He wanted to meet for lunch with Dave and I and him and mom. I instantly said, "Sure!" without thinking.  I got off the phone and panicked.  We couldn't go to lunch.  There was nothing there we could eat.  Plus we would mess up if we did.  I know we would get the wrong thing!  I can't believe I was so stressed over lunch.  I called Fawn and asked her if we could go to lunch. ( I felt like I was asking my mom to go out!)  She said sure and asked where we were going.  I had told Paul that the only ones I think we could do were Panera Bread and Olive Gardens.  Fawn said to go to Olive Gardens.  After a few minutes she told us exactly what to order.  Plain grilled chicken, wheat noodles and sauce was what we were going to ask for.  She said we could each have one bowl of salad.  Dave and I usually order one meal and split it anyways so that is what we did. I asked them to make sure the chicken breasts were about 4 oz each.  I could not believe they did everything perfect for us.  They treated us like royalty!  It was awesome.  We really enjoyed ourselves. 

Mom could not believe how much we had changed in just the week that we have been doing this.  She said Dave's belly was shrinking and his face was getting skinnier.  She also noticed differences in me.  My eyes have been a yellowish color with blood shot eyes for the last few years.  She was amazed at how clear and white they were and how good my face looked. It must be the chemicals that are gone that is doing this. She was such an encouragement to us.  I am glad she was.   We passed another test and succeeded.  We now know if we want to go out we can...but I realized our food is just as good, if not better than anything we could order. We enjoy meals at home just as much now as we do when we go out. At the restaurant,  I did have to tell my brother, Paul, to grab the Andies chocolate and put them away before we took the bill.  I knew that was my down fall!  But, even that was not a huge temptation.  We have come too far to cheat over a little chocolate.

Since then Dave and I ate out one other time...at the Tops Deli!!! We were grocery shopping for mom, and did not bring any snacks with us.  It had been a few hours since we ate, and we were fading fast. The Tops had a Salad Bar, and some cute little  table and chairs.  We each got a salad (with only approved foods) and used the fat free dressing.  It was fun.  We forgot we were in the middle of  a super market, and just enjoyed being out!  It was fun!  We might do that whenever we do mom's shopping!

I learned you can eat out, if you plan ahead and figure out what you are going to get before you get into the restaurant.  Planning is the key. It is also important that you are strong enough to stick to it once you make up your mind. We learned, in the last six months, (even before Fawn came into our life) that one meal in a good restaurant is plenty big enough for two people.  We always tell them we are getting one meal and sharing it.  Most places will put it on two plates for you!  Just be careful.  Everything looks and smells so good when you get in there. Stick to what you planned and eat only what you need!  You can do it.  Nothing tastes as good as being skinny and healthy.  I can not believe we have not cheated once! We do not even have a desire to cheat!  It has been awesome.

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