Friday, February 18, 2011

We had a ball with Fawn!!!

We Had a Ball With Fawn!

We went down to Elmira this last week to see Fawn. We had booked shows and then went to Larry and Marcy's house for  4 days...what a fun time.  We were video taping most of the time.  We felt like movie stars.  She video taped us talking, walking exercising, cooking food, grocery shopping, setting the table and eating.  It was sooo good to see her.  It made our journey so much more real.

 I feel honored to be able to work with someone so dedicated to what she is doing.  It was fun to see Carolyn, who is also on journey with us. She has continued to lose weight and looks great. She is wearing my clothes. She is sooo beautiful.  It was fun to see her in my clothes!  Although we have been running non stop since we have been home, we found time to go to the gym.  It felt so good to work out again.  We are ready to loose the extra weight we have left and are energized!  We had a great time!  I am so thankful that God brought Fawn into my life.


  1. you two ARE stars!!! whoohoo!! I love you so much and had a blast!!!

  2. It was great seeing you too! Thanks so much for the clothes. This is the best dressed I've ever been!!!! It tickles my heart to have you all in my life. Hope to see you soon!