Friday, February 25, 2011

We are back at the gym! Springcreek has changed our life! Yeah!!! I missed it!

We Are Back at the Gym!
We are back at the gym! Spring Creek has changed our life! Yeah!!!  I missed it!It has been crazy here since I saw Fawn!  We have had shows every day, and I have worked at the school a lot.  Which means we are having a hard time getting on schedule at the gym. We have gone, but not on a schedule like I was.  Dave and I always went together.  This last week, when I am free Dave is not and vise versa.  Well, we went at two different times today. Rachael has been helping her daddy with shows, so that frees me up during the days.  I went yesterday morning by myself.  It was so awesome.  I pushed myself like crazy, but it felt soo good!  (I am paying for it now!.)  

Now here comes the exciting part.I had time to go over my stats while I was there with Gary, the owner.  I told him I had lost 31 pounds since I started there 4 1/2 months ago.  He thought that was great...but when we looked closer I did even better.  I really had a positive weight change of 57 pounds since I started going to the gym. I have lost 43 pounds of fat and gained 14 pounds of muscle! He said that is amazing.  My percentage of body fat has gone from 57% body fat to 42%. That is still higher then I want to be ( I want to be 23-33%) but it is going down.  I was so excited when I got out of the gym today!

I am considering starting to train for a triathlon.  It is July 2 that would give me 4 month to train.  I would have to practice my bike riding, speed walking ( I cant run because of my neck) and my swimming. It sounds scary but exciting to me!  Will let you know if I am going to do it.  Anyone want to join me???


  1. Wow Kathleen. A triathalon! Remember what I wrote about dreams. If God's in it...well...there's nothing you cannot do!

  2. Awesome Kathleen! You can do this!!! If it's possible I would love to come support you during that Triathalon and maybe the following year I could do it with you!!!! Carolyn