Saturday, March 5, 2011

Today we cleaned out our closets...could we really have been that big????

We Cleaned Out Our Closets. Could We Really Have Been That Big?

Dave and I have been meaning to tackle the closets for some time now. It is one of those projects that you put off for a rainy day and you are to busy when it does rain.  I had come to the point where I could no longer move in my closet.  Becca looked in there and said, "Mom, you don't even wear any of these clothes, they are too big!"  Dave was getting clothes out of the closet for shows and finding them all swimming on him.  He was in a hurry one day, and I looked at him at the show and the only thing holding up his pants was his belt.  When I asked him about it he said, "That was all I could find!"  I knew I had to do something.

The family was getting together this Friday, so I knew it was time to tackle it.   I cleaned out 90% of my clothes and put them in a box for Carolyn. I went from a closet so full I could barely get anything in it to 3 dresses, 2 suit jackets and 3 skirts, some shirts and 4 pairs of pants. Then Dave came up.  He had outgrown everything.  Some of his 3X could wrap around him almost 2 times!  I think he now can see that he really has lost a lot of weight.  We had to keep 4 pairs of 42 (he is wearing 38 but we don't have any)  dress pants and found a few other things...but most are all cleaned out. I will have to call my sister Paulette and see if she can find him some clothes.  We went to Coat factory and they has t-shirts for $1.00. (Rebock and Nike and really nice ones!) We got 25 of them in size large! They also had jeans for $5.00.  We spent $50 and got 34 things!  He now has a new casual wardrobe...but we will have to look at dress shirts and pants for him.  I kind of feel like I did when Fawn cleaned out my cupboards.  Good but scared...In the back of your mind is always, what do I do if I gain weight??

I know it is not an option. By cleaning out the closet it is reinforcing the fact that we need to keep working on it.  I was able to fit into clothes that I had saved for when I got skinnier...some of them were big on me now!  There was so much in there I really could not tell what I have.  Now I think we have maybe 20 things total and about 100 hangers that are empty!  I am so thankful that my life has changed soo much!  We can bless others with what we have.  Plus, if I get my room cleaned out...I can get it painted with the paint I have had for a month now.  That is my project for today!!!!I am thrilled that we have Sat off...I have been working all this week! Thankful for the money, but when you are not used to it...it is tiring.  We are doing great and have confidence that "He who has begun this good work in us will continue it until it is finished!"  We would not be where we are today without God's help.  We also would not be where we are today without your encouragement!
Love you guys!


  1. EXCELLENT post Kathleen! And I know Carolyn will appreciatte the clothes--until she outgrows them and passes them on to someone else. SO very proud of you both.

  2. Keep up the amazing work!!! I am so proud of you both for making such an awesome life change. God will see you through this journey. Keep believing and trusting His strength for today and a brighter tomorrow! Love you guys. :)