Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Springville is 10 pounds lighter this week because of our group!!!

Springville is Ten Pounds Lighter This Week Because of Our Group!

Three months ago my biggest desire was to have a Bible study in my home.  I wanted to reach out to my friends and help them learn what I have learned.  I wanted them to join me on my"Journey to Transformation". I decided I would make the commitment to give up one day of subbing and anxiously awaited my Bible study.  I scrubbed my house.  I made sure everything was just perfect, and awaited my friends.  My mom's friend Janette was the only one that came.  She faithfully came week after week.  We faithfully prayed for 6 people at our study. We had only her and I.

It is easy to get discouraged when things don't happen the way you tell God you want them to happen.  When Janette left for Florida for a month I forgot about my commitment (no one was coming any ways) and started subbing every day.  I got a call 10 days ago from someone I met at the gym.  She told me she really needed to loose weight, and would I help her.  Janette had also returned from vacation and was ready to start up again.  Then there was my friend from the pool, she wanted to come.  I did not advertise it. I did not call everyone and bug them to come.  I just put it in God's hands.  Last week we had 5 ladies and one man come to our Bible study.  This week we also had 6 (8 f you count the two daughters that come) I was so excited this week.  God did a mighty work in my house this week.  Not only did we loose 10 pounds total...but the person  who followed the plan to a T...lost the most.  What a testimony to the ladies that had not taken it as seriously.  Every one lost...at least a pound!  We lost at total of 10 pounds in all!  Those that worked the hardest did the best. 

Some times I think God just does things in his own time.  I have exactly what I prayed for.  We prayed for six people and know that each one in my study is hand picked by HIM...not me.  They are so excited about all of it.  When I read the Bible study, they cried.  Each one of us opened up and healing was taking place.. WOW!  I am amazed at what God is doing!  I know why he did it when he did. It was His time not mine.

I, for the first time in a long time, just blew it this week. I did not eat right! Although I am exercising like crazy, I could feel that I was just not doing things the way I should.  I don't think I could get right back up and start again if it was not for these crazy bunch of ladies who are trying so hard to get healthy.  I am thankful that God did things his way, in his time...He makes all things beautiful in His time....

If you don't have a support group please start praying that God would bring the right people into your life. God knows exactly who, what and when you need His blessings. He will bring the right people to you. I love working with my husband, but there is nothing like the power of praying ladies! You lose more as a group!  Just go out and find the group for you!

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