Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why do we "cheat"?

Why Do We Cheat?
This last week I have been working my but off (literally) trying to make up for when I decided I was invincible!  Dave and I wanted to do something fun with the kids.  We decided it was an "eat what you want day".  Which would have been fine if it was just one day...but....  It started out at a maple sugar factory.  We wanted to take the kids to.  We got a maple sugar milk shake...granted we only got one and split it, .but then we ate at the mall.  We did get a grilled salad and a grilled sub but on white bread.  Then we went to the movies.  Dave dropped us off and when he found us I gave him a kiss.  I smelled peanut butter.  He had grabbed a Reecee's Peanut butter cup four pack and ate it quickly before he came in.  " why?"  For super we ordered a vegetable  pizza...I ate 4 slices.  The next day I had to take Rachael to dentist, then a show, and then doctors, and another show.  We did not have time for breakfast so I grabbed a sandwich at Tim Hortons.  They did specially make it for me with a wheat bagel, turkey and an egg...but  it was still double the size I normally eat and double the calories too.   I was starving by lunch time and decided to go to  my most favorite place to eat....Santoras "All you can eat pizza" ...I got my special buffalo chicken pizza and my white pizza, a salad and French onion soup and ate it all....I ate five pieces of pizza!!! WHY?  I was so stuffed by the time I was done all I wanted to do is take a nap...which I did.  I took a nap every day that I messed up.  I was to tired to do anything else. Then I took Rachael to the movie theatre and we ordered popcorn...not just any popcorn, a large popcorn.. layered. This was the worst you can get...and I ate that too.  Then I had my ladies meeting.  The night before God really convicted me.  Here I was trying to lead these ladies and I have eaten like a hog all weekend.  I weighed myself that morning before they came and had to change out of  my jeans and into my "lighter clothes" just so I could weigh one pound less for the week.... Every chance I could I messed up. I gave in to all of my cravings without even putting up one bit of fight. After I had been working so hard for so long. I was a Mess!
WHY did I do it??? I have the support group that worked hard all week.  I had the encouragement I needed.  WHY would I do this.  Why because I told myself I deserved a break. I owed it to myself for being good for so long.  As I looked at the scale I saw it go up to 210, a weight I did not  ever want to return to. I knew I blew it. I know it is only 3 pounds, but I was no longer in the 200 but the 210.  That scared me to death!  I thought I was invincible.  I thought I could do what I wanted, and still at least maintain if not loose weight. I knew what I was doing.  I realized that it defiantly was not worth it.  My body deserves to be treated as a temple of the Holy Spirit.  I don't want Him to be in  a home filled with fat and garbage. This is the same as I would never want my friends to come in my house filled with garbage.  I talked to Fawn and she set me straight.  We have not worked this hard to let her down...to go backwards now.  I owe it to God, her, myself, and you my readers to keep it up.
All week I have worked hard...I have been at the gym every single day (sometimes two times a day) for at least 1-2 hours.  I have done cardio every day, and I have done my weights every day...so has Dave. I have also been very conscientious of my eating.  I stepped on the scale and was back down to 206.  I could have broken my 200 barrier if I would not have done what I did. It makes me sick to think about it.  Please know if you are following along and have fallen off the plan...get right back up and start working. Yes, it is easy on easy off, but you should never have to waste your time doing that.  You should stick to the plan and keep going.  If you have fallen, tomorrow is a new day.  YOU CAN DO IT!  You have the ability, the drive, and the support to do anything you want to do.  Don't waste your time on excuses," I deserve it", "I will just cheat this once!",  and "It is no big deal!".   It is a big deal!  If you  made the commitment to loose weight you owe it to yourself, and God to keep it up! You can do it. Just get back up and start working right back where you left off.
 Blessings upon all who follow me and are reading my blog....You are one of the reasons that this is working!  Love you all, Kathleen

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  1. You are so strong Aunt Kathleen! I'm so proud of you! You are going to get to where you are trying to go! : ) Love you both!!!