Saturday, March 5, 2011

OOOOOH yeah baby!!!!

Oh Yeah Baby...Dave Needs New Clothes!

 I went through my closet dudes and dudettes. I was HUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGEEEEEE. I mean really HHHHHHUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE!!!!!. I'm talking my shirts literally wrapped completely around my body like a bathrobe. I can't believe I actually fit into that stuff. I was really shocked at my own fatness. I can't believe I survived at that weight. It's no wonder I was so tired all the time. My poor body was under so much strain.

 It was a truly eye opening experience. I'm so glad Fawn put on this new weight loss journey. Can you imagine what I would weigh now with out her help? I was already pushing 380 when I first decided enough was enough. We have come such a long way in just a short time. I was all bummed out because I was stuck at 270 pounds for a loooooooong time. But I'm feeling ok with it now that I see what I use to be. Did I mention I was really HHHHUUUUGGGGEEEE !!!.

I upped my cardio and it's started the fat burning machine again. I dropped to 264 at my last weigh in. I'm all pumped up now after seeing the clothes I use to wear. I also went back and watched my first video with Fawn. Who is that fat guy sitting next to her. I mean I take up the whole picture! All by myself I was a crowd! I had my own zip code. Did I mention I was really HHUUUGGGEEE !!!
Yeah I got a ways to go but I'm a happy camper. I look in the mirror and see a new guy. I don't fill up the mirror like I use to. So, if your just starting this adventure or your at a tough time along the journey, DON'T QUIT. It's all worth it!  DON'T QUIT!  You'll feel so much better soon!  Did I mention your should not QUIT.

I'll see you all on the skinny side of life.


PS. Did I mention that I was really HHHUUUGGGEEE !!!.

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  1. This makes me smile big! : ) You look amazing!!!