Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just Keep Swimming....Just Keep swimming.....

Just Keep Swimming...Just Keep Swimming!

Today I really did not want to go to the pool!  My mind was on other things and I really was looking for any excuse I could find not to go.  I almost did not go.  I almost missed an awesome life changing time.  I had gone last Tuesday and I was determined to keep going...but today I really did not want to go. 

As I stood on the edge of the pool ready to dive in I still was trying to talk myself out of getting in.  Finally I dove in and started the first few of the hundred laps I was trying to do.  As I started those laps I could feel my body fighting me.  Not wanting me to work hard, wanting me to quit.  As I finished my first thirty laps I looked up and saw my daughter Rachael's friend come in.. Then I saw her mother come out of the changing room in her suit.  She was ready to do laps with me.  She explained to me how she watched me last week and was inspired and she really wanted to start working with me.  She also wants to do the triathlon with me.  ( I had gotten that message, but was trying to ignore it...so I would not have to do the triathlon) As I saw her working so hard on those first few laps (the first few are the worst) I was encouraged.

I so wanted to have friends who would join the weight loos journey with me.  Now I have her.  Marylyn at the gym also wants to get together with me.  She has an old friend of mine that wants to come to.  It seems like when I gave up trying to do a study in my home, that God would not let me do that .  He is bringing people that he wants into my life.  So, what did I have to learn at the pool today?  God will bring who he wants when he wants into my life for me to work with.  I was trying to pick and choose who I wanted.  He says, "No you will work with who I want".  I am so thrilled that I went to the pool today.  I have a new friend that wants to work with me, encourage me and do the triathlon with me.  WOW! That is amazing!  I look forward to having a friend to walk along side me in this journey.  Thank you God!

PS...I made my 100 laps and she swam 33 laps...which is awesome for your first time!
PPS...moms suit is getting big on me!


  1. you are so right God does want us to help out others you are doing great can't wait to see you two again when you visit your brother and sister in law

  2. What a wonderful lesson learned Kathleen. This was a great post. Lord bless you!