Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter was very different for us this year!

Easter Was Very Different This Year!
This year we decided we were going to have a healthy Easter.  We only got our kids a small amount of chocolate. We fixed healthy choices for our meal.  We had  ham, sweet potatoes, wheat noodle macaroni and cheese (low fat cheese), salad, and sugar free pudding desert....It was great.  After the meal the guys watched the Sabres game.  My cousin, Barb, and the girls and I went to Sprague Brook Park.  We hiked through the woods, watched the girls play in the creek and swung on the swings with the girls.  We had a ball.  When we came home we went over to the school and Barb and I played tennis, while the guys played hockey. We did this till 9 at night!  We had such a wonderful time enjoying the beautiful day that God gave us.  It sure was different then how we used to gorge ourselves  and lay around all day!  So glad we did what we did!

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