Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers day with out a mother...

Mother's Day Without A Mother

This was the day I dreaded since mom passed away.  I was so thankful I had a ladies retreat to think about up until the day before mothers day. I had no time to worry about mothers day...to busy.  I had no time to think about how I had no mother for mothers day.  Saturday was Girlfriends day out.  I had been working on it for the last few weeks so  thankfully mothers day snuck up on me.  Saturday Dave came in and said, "I brought a present for you!".  He wanted to give it to me then...but I said ?Wait till mothers day...It will give me something to look forward to."  Saturday night Dave and I had a show...mother daughter banquet.  He asked me if I wanted to perform something. I really did not want to.  I did not want to talk about how special mothers were when I had none.  My talk would be depressing I thought.  When I came home Rachael had decorated the living room for me. She had made and put up signs all over the place Some said, "You're the best mom!", " Love you Mom!", "You rock mom", "Your a super duper ninja mom!"  It was awesome...It made me feel special. Sunday I woke up at 5am and walked outside just in time to see the sunrise.  It was as if God was saying "Good morning!" to me. Brandon sent me a message before church saying "Happy Mamma's day to the best mamma in the world."  Dave gave me his gift before church...a beautiful necklace that matched the earrings I had just gotten. On the way to church Becca told me she wanted to buy me breakfast at church. After church they fixed me steak salad and vegetables for lunch and they cleaned up to!  When Brandon came home he had gotten me a card with a poem he had written in it and some roses!  We then went to Sprague brook park.. Dave and I hiked through the woods, watched our girls play in the creek and just had a wonderful day!  It was fun!  Then Brandon and his friend came and we played football!  It was just a fun beautiful day. I had no time to be sad about mom. I had no time to think about my loss. I just spent the day enjoying the family that I still have.  I thank the lord for my wonderful family and how they went out of there way to make this mothers day special. When you are so busy thinking about all that you have, you do not have time to dwell on what you have lost.

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  1. What a beautiful day God gave you through your family. You are blessed!