Saturday, September 3, 2011

I made my goal...almost a year to the day!

I Made My Goal! Almost a Year to the Day!
IF there is ever a time in my life that my heart is filled with joy, sadness, pride and a sense of accomplishment it is today.  One year ago, almost to the day, I asked my Becca to put on this dress for me.  I walked her beside my dying mothers bed and said these words to her...."Mom, this is my goal dress, someday I am going to wear this dress.  I know you will not be here to see that day, but I want you to be able to visualize what I will look like  when I am in it."  She looked at
Becca and said the words that I heard so often  out of her mouth," You can do it honey...I know you can and you will be so beautiful!"  She looked at my Becca and I know she was seeing me in that dress..
There were times that I did not think I would ever get into that dress. There were time I wanted to just sit down and give up1 But, as I look at this picture I feel so proud!. Mom would have been so very proud of Dave and I!  She would have loved to be a part of it.  But God had other plans.  Yet she was a part of it.  Each day I felt like I wanted to give up I would hear those special words..."You can do it honey, I know you can!"
I am copying and pasting those words I wrote so long ago below.  Read it, but get some tissues first.... love you guys...thanks for cheering me on...

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  1. And you did it, with God's strength and with your mom's words motivating you to keep on. Wow! What an amazing accomplishment. Love you Kathleen and am rejoicing with you.