Thursday, September 8, 2011

I can swim!!!

I Can Swim!

Last Saturday was a sad day for me. They closed the community pool.   This year I have used it more then ever before.  Just about every day I would go over and do  my laps and exercises in the pool.  I got to know a lot of people, and sometimes got 3-5 people joining me in my "Runs" across the pool.  As the summer came to an end I was filled with fear and sadness.  What was I going to do? The high school pool does not open for another month. I have no pool.  God provided an answer....

Rachael is a diver. She is not just a diver, she is a very good diver.  for the past three years they have not had a diving coach at Springville.  This year she was tired of it and was going to quit the team and do cheerleading instead.  I was so sad...she had such talent. I knew she would love it if she had a coach. She thought about it and decided she was going to do something about the no coaching situation...and join diving.  Every year we have wanted to send her to the University of Buffalo for diving coaching...we never have had the money to do that. It cost $300 at a time where we are always low on  money. This year she took the matter into her own hands....and made it possible.  I suggested, since her Grandpa Jeffers was a lifetime member of the Moose lodge that she wrote them a letter asking them to sponsor her. (one of the moms on the swim team suggested it)  She did that and they said they would sponsor her for $100.  She knew that was not enough so she organized a garage sale too.  She cleaned out every nock and cranny of my house and we put tons of stuff out.  We made her $200 the night we were setting up and another $200 the next day. So she had her money for coaching.  Tuesday night was the first night.  As I watched   my daughter work one on one with the coaches, I was filled with such pride. She made this happen. All the other girls were goofing around, and playing in the hot water...not Rachael. She was focused and determined to learn as much as she possibly could.  She did 10 dives, to the other girls 1 dive...and she enjoyed herself so much. The coaches enjoyed her so much they said she could come any day, every day (for the $300 you are supposed to only get 2 days per week.) Of course Rachael would love to go every day. This is after doing her first day of school till 2:30 swim practice from 2:30-5 and then diving practice at UB from 6-8.  That would be a very busy schedule.

As I walked around that huge, Olympic sized pool, I got the water bug.  I wanted to get right in.  I saw people coming in, and asked about it.  For $20/month I could go swimming as much as I wanted...plus, I could use the indoor track, racket ball, weight room and classes!  I was so excited!  I paid my $20 and got my cool plastic UB pass like Brandon has for his college! So the next day I was ready.  I had my swim suit supplies all in a bag, I had dinner in bowls ready to walk out the door and I was ready to do my first day of swimming.  I am not sure what happened, but once Rachael came in..."Hurry, hurry mom we got to go..."  things got a little hairy there for a few minutes.  We finally got into the car, got to the college, and I asked Rachael to grab my bag.....She looked in the back, and said, "There is no bag here mom!"  I had left my swim suit and towel home!  I was so disappointed...all day I had thought about swimming in that humongous pool!  I dropped her off and punched "SEARS" into the GPS.  I ran into Sears and grabbed about 25 suits off the rack and quickly tried them on. Some were too revealing, some were to big, some were to small. I found a black one...that was ok.  It would have worked on our cruise we are planning but really not appropriate for swimming.  Things were looking pretty slim. There were only a few left.  As I looked at my choices, my eye caught a black one that I had grabbed on a whim. It was size 10!  It looked like a swimmers suit...like my girls wear for the team!  I put it on and it fit like a glove. It was perfect for me. I know that was the one.  Then I looked at the price tag.  It was normally $88 marked down to $37. That was more than I had to spend.  I took it to the register and they confirmed that it was indeed $37.  The customer at the register was using a 20% off coupon. I asked her where she got it.  She told me that she got it in the mail.  When she finished her purchase the sales lady handed her back the coupon and said she could use it the rest of the day! She then handed it to me.  My $88 swimmers swim suit cost me $27! I was so excited.  I had a suit I could be proud of!
Off to the pool I ran.  As I was standing by that huge pool my heart was overflowing with gratitude to the wonderful God that we serve.  He cares about us.. He cares about not just our needs, but our wants and our desires.  He know my name!  He loves me and wants to see me happy! Boy was I  happy!  As I swam 50 laps in 45 minutes (it is sooo big there is no way I could make 100 the first night).   I was so thankful that God gave me the children and family that I have.  That Rachael took the initiative to make her dreams come true.  He loved me enough that He provided a place for me to swim, the desire of my heart. Not just any place to swim, but the best possible place in all of Buffalo!

When you get discouraged, please realize that God loves you with an undying love. He cares about you, and wants to see you happy.  Be specific when you pray.  Ask God for the desires of your heart. He may just shock you and give them to you!

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